Year of the 2015 Wood Goat


2015 Year of the Wood Goat and the Forecast for Your Astrological Sign

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar the Year of the Wood Goat begins on February 19th 2015. So what does the year of the Wood Goat hold in store for your astrological sign? Read on to discover if it’s a year of Love, Romance, Dating, Getting a new Relationship or will the year focus on Money, Job, Career and consolidating… (Scroll down to the bottom if you are not sure of your year).

In a real Chinese astrology horoscope analysis – The Four Pillars of Destiny – Chinese Astrologers compare your hour, day, month and year… to the Chinese New Year in question and this gives a very accurate idea of your fortunes according to that year.  Therefore, please accept the following guidelines as being for general energies only.



This year the prosperity star comes to the original home of the Rat and it can bring you renewed fortune and many prosperous opportunities. It will be as though people are attracted to what you can offer in terms of your knowledge, wisdom, business advice, mentoring, etc and you can find yourself in great demand throughout 2015. Despite the fact that the Goat year is not normally you’re finest year there are many bright aspects in 2015 for you, so remain positive and open. You do still have to take a little extra care in relationships etc, because of a “harm element” that lingers in 2015, but this can still be your special year to do something special… Stay close to family and friends and things will work out easier.

2015 can be very good for publishing, launching a new idea or project, assisting in important negotiations, or sorting out a basic operational structure (that could win you a lot of blessings)… There are excellent auspices for launching an award winning proposal and having it accepted as well. You may also attract extra finances this year so be on alert for special “windfalls” that come your way as a result of your hard work.

You do need to pay attention to everything that’s going on and do not be reckless or arrogant about your success. It’s great fortune to be in the right spot and the right time but don’t take it for granted because it takes 1 second for someone to take you the wrong way or for everything to change – so do not become careless in your success.

At times you may be called upon to help people out at a true time of need or share a special piece of knowledge that really lifts other people out of trouble. If you do this willingly, with good wishes, it could be very good for winning special blessings and notching up a few brownie points.

In 2015, all Rat born people can meet a significant new person that can impact greatly upon long held dreams. This person can enter your life in a way where they play an important future role (as their own professional) or they could become a new long term romantic link. In either instance, and in relation to single or married Rats, it would be important to allow this relationship to become a meaningful connection (vs a “sultry” one) – otherwise you could lose the value of this significant relationship completely. Married Rats need to stay away from any remotely possible “significant others” (unless they wish to change marriages). Any romantic dalliance, no matter how seemingly innocent, will be like playing with a nuclear bomb in 2015 and if you get caught it will be (dot, dot, dot) for you.

Keep a tight rein on your credit card in 2015. There is a star hanging over you that will help you to spend as much money as (easily as) you wish… And pay attention to your health this year. There are certain elements to Health this year that are important for Rats to take seriously (and not ignore!).



This is a year where you could easily get caught up in worrying about worrying about worrying and then repeat the process all over again, but in reality you really need to pull yourself together and re-assess all important aspects of your life – very quickly and early on in the year if you wish to overcome any problems or deal with them effectively. Begin your examination with life direction, money, family life, children, relationships, your activities, hobbies then go from there. Taking a methodical approach and forming proper goals and then attaching reasonable monthly expectations to these goals will help you a lot this year and if you don’t do something that systematic, you could find yourself scratching you head at the end of the year wondering what just happened. You have got “the Moz” on you this year due to being in opposition to the Grand Duke so you need to be clever about this and act quickly to manage it. You especially have to really watch spending money this year, because EVERYTHING is going to cost you much more money than you anticipate and there will be consequences for you financially if you overspend..

Going back to the Grand Duke:
Technically speaking 2015 is your clash year (the ox clashes with the goat) and it’s also forms a destruction and punishment sequence between people who are born in the year of the Goat, Ox and Dog. What this means is, Goat, Ox and Dog people can run into lots of trouble working together in 2015. So this may not be fantastic news if you are one of these three signs and you are married or, already in a working relationship to one or another of those 3 signs. So what should you do?

Traditionally we would suggest that you find a different person to work with in the 2015 year. And if married, of course carry on as usual in your marriage and personal life but be very cautious about making large purchases together (such as a new home), signing new contracts together, renovating homes together (you will definitely regret it), or carrying out other large scale activities that are legally binding. So choosing a different person to work with will be “key” for people born in the year of the Goat, Ox and Dog. Because of the “punishment” and “destruction” sequences with the Goat this year the Ox, the Goat and the Dog will get value out of carrying a pendant of the horse in 2015. Avoid all dangerous (extreme) sports, take a lot of care in cars, trains and travelling this year and be very streetwise around new people or people you have not known for a lot time (you can be cheated).

Finally, Ox’s should definitely avoid getting caught up into gossip or getting caught up into wasteful stubborn disputes with people, as these will surely become your brand new obstacles to deal with. Make time to get away for rest and recreation and just take time out from it all.



2015 can be a very successful year for Tiger people. There can be a big boost to your career and wealth as well as working capital; there can be new opportunities that promise a future work potential; there can be new connections forged in the coming year that can prove helpful and prosperous. On top of this, there can be renewed love in existing relationships or a brand new relationship that can lead to a lifelong romance. There are certain elements to the year that can highlight things you do very positively. The popularity you receive from this attention may win you more business and greater reach. However, you will need to guard against boasting or flaunting your wealth indiscriminately as you can also attract the attention of the wrong type of people as this could have a lasting effect in certain areas of your life.


There are many things that you can celebrate this year, there could be new family members on the horizon, you may start a new business or expand other business ventures or investments. You may also meet with new people who help you to overcome some of your past problems which will be pleasing and important to you. On the other hand, you may need to be careful of what you say to people or what you write publicly. There are elements to the year that can bring legal issues and even start up lots of gossip and scandals so taking care on this front could be wise. Have attention on your personal belongings this year, as you could leave important document or personal items in bad places and suffer losses as a result. Be cautious about being misled by scams and other unsavory deals. Even though you have good luck with your career and prosperity, you can take significant financial losses if you don’t check the fine print properly.



This year has some very nice aspects for Rabbit born people. Having said that there are a few “curly” energies to know about and steer yourself around too but there are also dynamics going on whereby you could get relief from something that’s been troubling you for a long time, become more prosperous or start a new romance, so to begin:

Firstly the Rabbit forms a lovely harmony with the Grand Duke of the Year – the goat, and also the pig and this brings you lots of nice opportunities, good harmonies with others and a very social year ahead. In particular, this year you can attract a new romance if single or enjoy meaningful times in current relationships as well. Then, you can enjoy a very good year at your place of work – especially if you are in the position where you can create and lead new things in your workplace. Rabbits in this position or Rabbits that own their own business can create very positive leaps this year in business and it’s a year where your business decisions can increase wealth substantially and gain better attention. In 2015 there is a formation where the Rabbit naturally assumes leadership and authoritative positions. Do remember to use this position for good and not for evil as this approach will allow you and your business (or your projects) to make very significant progress at many levels and strengthen your management position including the people you work with. Additionally you can attract far reaching support from people outside your initial circles. In particular this year, the rabbit attracts two powerful elements that can bring relief from older conditions that have taken a toll or something you have been coping with for a while and change it all around. It can also help to solve any problems that might be current as well so keep this in the back of your mind.

On the other side of the coin you have a year whereby if taking up extreme sports, traveling, being engaged in water sports (or water activities), operating heavy equipment or machinery (or other such things you), you can break bones, fall down a cliff and generally end up needing a bit of rescue yourself. In 2015 there are serious danger elements that present in your chart and you respect them as such. Do not get into cars with bad (speeding, negligent, unsafe) drivers; don’t walk down dark alleys in the middle of the night; if you work in a high risk profession (such as the army or the police force) then this is a year to take extra care when out in the field doing your job (and to expect the unexpected). The other thing to be careful of is falling out with your family members; your colleagues at work; your seniors, supervisors, higher ups; getting locked into bad communication and not expressing yourself properly. These types of “things” will definitely come back to bit you in 2015 so keep yourself on the happier side and enjoy your year of romance – whether single or in a committed relationship and have a great year..



This is a year where you have very progressive (and constructive) heavenly energies and guardians traveling with you throughout the entire year and you need to direct them in a positive way in order to bring the fruition you actually want. During the first part of this year there are obstacles and difficulties in relationships which could impact in on what you are trying to achieve and you are advised to keep very clear and open lines of communication around what you want the end goal to be. There will be times where you need to completely free yourself up from emotional entanglements, trivial or petty thinking – irrespective of whether it’s coming from you or others – and concentrate/focus entirely on the end journey. Be careful about saying things in haste as this can create more obstacles – especially from a legal perspective.

Aside from this, at a personal and professional level you have a wonderful multitude of opportunities at many levels – career, financially, socially – presenting themselves to you and your biggest challenge will be to choose the right direction to go in. Do not be hasty in deciding which opportunity to take because decisions do show themselves to be a significant thing for you this year – particularly from a financial perspective. There are some indications that you need to make the right financial decisions during the early parts of 2015 to avoid affecting your future prosperity considerably as early as 2016. From this point of view, it will be important to research current trends – what’s working, what’s not working, what kind of things are successful people doing in the marketplace and what techniques are they using. If you approach finances from this perspective you could safely secure substantial income for years to come.

Essentially you have brilliant energies around you this year that can really help you to transform past (or current) negative situations into positive ones but you need to believe… and you need to create the outcome you want to see in your mind. The “Force is With You” this year, so don’t be afraid going forward. If you keep yourself stable and believe in yourself, this will help to change anything negative around you and make a positive impact.

At a personal level, you need to make time for social activities, spending time with friends and family, getting away from hectic work schedules in order to think clearly. Your health can be delicate this year and you can get sick easily. From a Feng Shui point of view this year –its actually good for you to carry a wu-lou type remedy (which is a little medicine bottle) and eat and exercise sensibly. Feng Shui also says: it’s better if you don’t occupy the SE sector. Be very careful of extreme sports and activities, operating machinery or being absent minded when driving as you could end up with sudden (painful) injuries. And keep yourself safe this year ie guard against unsafe situations physically, avoid confrontation and be very careful about what you say. This year shows it is better for you stay away from all negative occurrences such as funerals, bad movie or bad people, etc.



This is a year where you might find yourself traveling extensively for your career or at least trading with foreign clients who are interested in your services. The year itself does not have earth crushing auspices for you but the energies are stable, they’re good for networking and ongoing communications, you can get what you are doing out there and the results can be “medium good” – which is much better than “super bad” so this is a good thing. Most certainly the year shows there will be a lot of activity going on. This can be at every level, family-wise, relationship-wise, with children, with colleagues and business and there’s ultimately a lot of coming/going, over here/over there, new developments, send this fax/send that email, etc, etc. In fact, this is a year where you can change jobs, move house, change countries or suburbs or move interstate. You can also become better known for your expertise, what you are doing and the speciality you have in doing it. In particular you could attract overseas interest and, over time, this could increase your social standing, networking ability as you attract more attention. One of the interesting things that could happen this year is a change to your career. It’s probably true that for some time you’ve been wanting to make changes to your career. Even though the changes you can instigate this year will not be monumental, they will still be new in your life; they can lead to bigger things and its shows that your career luck can be a whole better if you include this newness, travel or connect overseas and you are ready for this emotionally. You will definitely thrive more in a new environment or in a working arrangement that’s completely new.

From a Feng Shui point of view this year – you need to be very careful with your health and its actually good for you to carry a wu-lou type remedy (which is a little medicine bottle) and most certainly observe good diet, a nice balance of exercise, etc. It’s also better if you don’t occupy the SE sector.

Elements of the 2015 wood goat show that you need to practice being safe this year, guard against intruders or unsafe situations physically, avoid confrontation and be very careful about what you say as the gossip can be nasty and very petty. In short you are better staying away from all negative occurrences ie do not watch bad movies or read scary books; it’s actually a year where you should not attend funerals; don’t hang out with negative people or with people who do not like you. All in all, you may not make a million dollars this year but it’s a very good year for making social connections. Make the best out of what you have.



Your animal sign forms a special relationship this year with the Goat. It forms a nice harmony that can bring you very good energy and allow a nice flow right throughout the year. You may be recognized for you academic achievements this year and this would shed a nice spotlight on your talents and skills – which horse people always enjoy. From a networking point of view, you can meet up with brand new people this year and attract their help with joint ventures that you bring together. This may do a lot for your reputation and authority in your given field. You can definitely attract more attention but you need to be careful of attracting gossip. Just make sure you don’t do crazy things that give them something to talk about.

There are certain elements whereby you attract more delays with what you’re doing. Be sure to pick up on their early so that you can give attention to clients who need it in order to seal the deal. Any negligence on your side will definitely affect your pocket and purse strings so be vigilant and keep your attention on what you need to do. Do not allocate really important projects to juniors who have no idea what to do – otherwise your losses could be great.

The year could easily stir up new desires to learn new things. That could either be related to what you are doing already career-wise or it could be an entirely new learning which is very appealing to you this year. Do take it on, but make sure you stay balanced. You animal sign show you can suffer more from stress and anxiety this year. So don’t take on things you really can’t fit in.

Romance can be a bit tricky for you this year. If you’re in an existing relationship you’ll need to just chill out a bit this year and not take any friction personally. If you’re single you need to be very careful not to get caught up in bad romantic relationships, other people’s sexual projections, relationships that are extra marital or relationships that could turn sour very quickly and have horrible consequences like gossip, loss of reputation, etc. Going through this could be really exhausting and the repercussions would continue past this year.

One thing you really need to guard against this year is health issues. Your health can be particularly fragile this year so you need eat right, exercise right and get enough sleep. You also need to make efforts to keep yourself safe; your property safe; don’t do extreme sports this year (as you can get hurt). Stay away from negative people, negative things and take up a relaxation modality that you like. Stay calm, be calm and spread calm wherever you go.



This year the Goat branch repeats and offends the Grand Duke which is the goat (seems crazy I know) and this can bring out a number of tricky situations for people who are born in the year of the goat. Because the communication elements between the goat and the rest of the zodiac signs becomes somewhat compromised through this configuration it affect relationships, immediate wealth prospects, home, family, your Feng Shui, health, networking and contacts, etc, etc.

This will most likely make it very difficult for you to get your point of view across; you may have people who simply decide to pick on your this year; and you definitely need to double check the fine print and even look at your jobs three times before you send them (kind of thing).

One of the most significant elements about this year can be having silly disputes and arguments with people. This can extend from friends/family/loved ones to work colleagues, to your VIP list to people you would normally network with etc … and normal everyday people on the street. If possible try to talk about the “lighter side of things” rather than extending into politics, or the new tax laws or the terrible state of _ _ _ (fill in the gaps). If you can change the focus of conversations to the more positive appreciations of thing – this can make your year ahead a whole lot lighter (not to mention more meaningful).

The positive reality energy of this year for you is the way people may recognize the contributions you make in the area of your special talents and skills. Likewise if you have not had the opportunity to use your talents and skills of late there may be more opportunities to do so in 2015. Its really important not to get to caught up in any negative things that are happening. We can go a lot further ahead if we simply do the best with what we have and be appreciative of that.. It’s also really important to go where the good energy is, so if this is the good energy for you, then escape your bad vibes like the plague and get yourself in front of where you will be loved and appreciated. Have the motto: Don’t take anything negative too seriously, keep yourself safe, don’t get too close to people who are born in the year of the Ox, Goat or Dog, and all will be well.

OK last bit:
You’ve probably heard that the Ox, the Goat and Dog can come into a penalty this year if trying to get married or do business together, or make large purchases etc, and this is very true. Goat, Ox and Dog people can run into trouble in 2015 but there are a few ways around it: perhaps you can postpone your wedding? Maybe you can get your accountant or lawyer to sign contracts on your behalf. Maybe you let your children buy your new home at auction instead of you. Maybe you can work with your PA instead of working with your husband this year? There are many ways we can work around things – we just need to do it safely and sensibly. So take care this year, stick with looking on the positive side (not blindly), keep yourself away from dangerous (extreme) sports, take care traveling in cars, trains and other transport this year, watch out for conman (or con women) and don’t walk down dark alleys…

Note: the Goat, Dog and Ox all get value out of carrying a pendant of the horse in 2015.



This year has many interesting dynamics on store for the Monkey. On the one hand, your chart attracts the dreaded Yearly Robbery Sha in which can literally see you getting robbed or attracting violent, being vulnerable to aggressive people and on the other hand you are blessed with a near perfect benefactor energy that will travel with you throughout the entire year bringing blessings, special assistance, financial benefits, help you whenever you need it, initiate promotions, increase your good reputation and it will probably get you out of any jam the Robbery Sha puts you in, in the first place – what can I say! It is NOT good for Monkeys to sit with their backs to the West or SW3.

For all monkeys it’s a very social year and an extremely promising year for love with committed monkeys becoming stronger in their relationship and single monkeys quite possibly meeting a person they want to be deeply and romantically connected to (not to mention those cute little baby monkeys that could come swinging in as a result of this year)… From an outing point of view there will be joyful events, strong family connections and many happy social occasions.

Career-wise the people you work with are most likely very happy and entertained with your unique way of handling situations and the very funny way you bring things to fruition or close a deal. No doubt you have got your boss on side (if he is a male) and he is assisting you by helping you to remove obstacles, opening up further opportunities for you to take advantage of and generally guiding you along the way, showing you the ropes as you go.

This year your friends or family might suffer from money problems and come to you for advice or a loan… be very careful about loaning any money this year and by all means look into scams and swindles on their behalf. You may get to the bottom of some very important things for them but be careful in how you involve yourself. You don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable at this level either (and giving financial advice can make you vulnerable).

Finally (and coming to the realm of things that are outside of your control), some of your best laid long-term plans may see a bit of a nose dive this year. It not that there’s anything wrong with the plans but you could say some of them are not meant to work out for the moment. If this is the case, don’t worry – whatever is mean to come back to you will… and whatever is means to leave you (coz it wasn’t that much of a hot idea after all) will go and roost somewhere else… There will be plenty of other things to focus on this year.



There are many challenges ahead for the Rooster this year. It begins with bad Yearly Stars coming to your home and building in the West. This is a very strong configuration that can bring significant pressure to your own personal Chinese horoscope. It is well worth while you doing the Yearly Stars Feng Shui Consultation this year because there are many negative energy combinations that will need cures in your home aside from the remedies needed for the West. The West sector is best NOT inhabited by 7 Kua people or people who are born in the year of the Rooster. Also do not sit with your back to the West.

It is very likely that the Rooster will take a loss this year, health-wise, relationship-wise, financially, reputation-wise… and unfortunately – you yourself could be the source of the problem and the main cause of many of these issues. In 2015, you do not have the energy to “get away with things.” Your mood can be down, you will be angry and frustrated and it could be hard for you to muster up that normal passion you have. You need to make sure you are not attracting the wrong people to you or hanging out with wrong people… because this can cause you a lot harm.

In 2015 your competitors may go way ahead of you. Indeed, this year, you could fall significantly behind – work-wise and at many other levels (socially) as well. You could have a lot of troubles to clear up at your work place due to under-trained staff or someone taking out a vendetta on you, and so, you need to be very careful not to irritate people yourself this year! This year, people can steal from you, they may extort you, they may black mail you – there are many negative things going on in 2015 and you can attract them very easily – so this is the thing to examine.

It’s no secret that when Roosters are in bad moods – they can be pretty aggressive and very verbal. But being this verbal with others this year can only attract very serious lawsuits (to yourself), so you really need to hit yourself on the head hard and get control of what you say and do to people. They won’t forget it if you treat them badly and they will take action if you drill it into their minds loudly enough. And, if there are a lot of witnesses… what to say!

So there are many areas of your life that can dwindle this year, from your working and personal relationships, your career, your money, the money you have preserved for your family and even the good will you have with your family. Many things may not work out as you planned or as you had hoped. So this will be a year of “Soul Searching” at one level – which WILL be good.

There really are things you need to own and change, and there are also things that you need to make good on. Getting over your grudges and judgements of people is one of them. You also need to make good with your family so that you can be surrounded by the people who love you once again.

This year shows there to be elderly family members and family members in general who really need your help. In fact, they need your protection and intervention on certain matters. So you need to pull yourself out of the blues Rooster and you need to get your priorities straight and re-focus your energies on the things that matter. Do not let yourself be disheartened by what may occur this year. Instead, say: what can I learn and what can I change, go ahead with humility and you should be OK. Getting your Feng Shui right – may help and support you a lot! 🙂


There are certain elements of this year that could put you into feeling rather grumpy – even for the most of the year – and one of the best ways you can deal with this will be to take yourself off and give yourself a good talking to in relation to various things that bother you (and there may be many).

To begin with, the Dog is in a “harming position” in relation to the Year of the Goat and it’s never good to stir up the Grand Duke no matter how well-meaning you are,,, you’re playing with fire! (not that this is something you are doing consciously)

In addition, the ox, goat and dog together form a “penalty relationship” so when you accidentally trigger the grand duke (through no fault of your own), it can potentially trigger the penalty arrangement between the ox, goat and dog and this will put you into strange relationships with people and a bad grumpy disposition this year. Probably the best piece of advice is you need to let conversations, miscommunications, what people are saying and all types of other gossip slide off you this year. There will be no possibility of setting the record straight so looks for the things that you can make go right and be prepared to discover a world of simple, humble pleasures, rather than desiring to travel throughout the year in a limousine – it’s simply not going to happen!

Anyways, life won’t be all bad this year. There can be good developments in your career and prosperous opportunities presenting themselves but you do need to go through the fine print with everything. Be careful about what you take on and understand that no matter what limits on any new venture are guaranteed – there will be unforeseen shortfalls (which you may have to shoulder yourself) – even though the venture may still have prosperous elements to it. So be on the look for things like this in any new dealing and see if you can postpone commencement of some of these things until next year because it’s just very tricky for you to sign contracts and commit to big things year.

Relationships can take on strange twists and turns this year and from time to time you may feel like you’re starring in an episode of Baywatch or Dallas if you let it. In reality, if you get caught up in the who, what, when, why of it all – there really won’t be an ending, you will never get to the truth, you certainly won’t correct it (or you reputation) so it could almost be better to just keep on going and forgive and forget (if you feel you can or if you feel the punishment fits the crime). By all means express yourself and your feelings but you do need to know that things are pretty messed up and hazy for the Ox, Goat and Dog this year, so it will probably make more sense next year. Whether you are male or female, this year your best favors and “relief” from the turmoil will come through women. So if you can’t get anyone to pay attention and you can’t fight the battle on your own, look for a sympathetic female ear – no matter what you think the job requires – women can help you much more than men. As they say in the classics: “Find yourself a good woman… :-)”

be careful operating machinery this year (including cars); be careful about walking into dark alleyways or other unsafe places; avoid being too grumpy because you won’t be doing yourself any favors; lose the pen when it comes to signing contracts; stay away from thinking this person is like this or that person is like that this year (you won’t work it out); do not even think about joining the rumor treadmill and watch out for husky men or women and bad romance (because you probably won’t survive it)! Last but not least: It’s NOT good for the Dog to sit with their backs to the West or NW1.

OK….. I think that just about covers it – have a good year! 🙂



This is a bit of a funny year for you because on the one hand the year of the wood goat is in a lot of harmony with your horoscope and on the other hand there are additional negative energies that can have an impact on your horoscope sign this year.

One of the more positive energies is the fact that you can very easily be recognized for your talents and skills and you certainly may attract people who will sing your praises. These people may go in to bat for you and they could help you to get more money for what you do as well as additional you might need in order to expand your position.

On the other hand you have attracted a few enemies who can make sure your life is not going to run smoothly. If these are simply people you don’t really know but you have come to learn about then going to the authorities may not be a bad idea – especially if you sense they do have violent intentions.

But, if they are people at your work place, or people who are in close contact with your family somehow or they are somehow woven into your life in a way that’s difficult if you go to blow them off, then looking into their complaints and facing them truthfully and courageously might be the best course of action. To blow them off indiscriminately or to ignore them unceremoniously they could become worse, they could become louder and they could even become violent. If you are around people like this, you do have to be careful and you have to be a bit street smart. It’s probably not a bad idea to look into the complaints anyway to see if there is merit. Probably the last thing you will want to do is take the law into your own hands – as this could result in lawsuits, you could be set up, or you may react in a way that quickly becomes unsuitable.

Just be warned: this is not a year to tell little white lies or even big black ones because you can get caught and that will really stir up more trouble than you can imagine.
Romance this year has its ups and downs. Probably the most powerful element of the romance will be the fact that there will be traveling involved. If you are single – it may not be easy to sustain and if you are married (and this is an extra romance) it could become very complicated. The third option of course is being in a committed relationship and you have to travel for work. Then this type of travel and separation can put a great strain on the relationship and family dynamics.

You need to take care of your health this year; you will be the happiest if you live in a balanced way. Keeping up good nutrition and exercise may also help you keep an even keel emotionally. Also keep your tax and other things in order. It can affect you a lot if you leave a lot of loose ends.


What Year Were You Born?

Rat   1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008
Ox   1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009
Rabbit   1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011
Tiger   1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010
Rabbit   1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011
Dragon   1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012
Snake   1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013
Horse   1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014
Goat   1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015
Monkey   1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004
Rooster   1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005
Dog   1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006
Pig   1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007






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