2018 Chinese Astrology


What’s In store for you During the 2018 Earth Dog Year?

Bearing in mind that real Chinese Bazi Astrology examines your hour, day, month and year of birth… our astrology examines the forecast for your year or day of birth.  To get a real Chinese Astrology Chart done for you visit our online store


Rat:  This is a year of incredible learning for you and you have a lot of planets lining up (so to speak) for advanced levels of personal growth, general studies and achievements and through this learning you can improve many conditions within your life. Your social status can improve, your mentoring abilities can improve and you can become known as the go to person for things of great value for many people. It is as though there is an energy travelling with you this year that can help smooth out some of the bumps and create positive outcomes where there is the potential for difficulty. Conflicts can be resolved, and the best outcomes can be created. You may find yourself able to overcome obstacles and problems that would normally give you puzzles to solve this year. In fact many doors can open to you and the key to making this hugely beneficial is to make sure you give people what they are asking for. Be watchful on finances this year and do not be extravagant with your money as it can backfire on you and become a cause for regret.

There could be times throughout 2018 that you feel quite insecure and unsure of your direction as if things you are trying to build are collapsing, floating, sinking – all at the same time. However, if you can relax into this “lack of control” element and just keep your good intentions and the bigger picture in your mind things will work out in the best way in the end. Set your intention to create the best outcome for all and keep the faith and no matter what doesn’t work out today, will fit into their divine position tomorrow.

There are indications this year that you need to take care with your health or safety this year. Doing extreme sports, or being reckless when driving your car can bring a certain danger element to your life this year that could turn out to be serious, so do not ignore this or take it lightly. This is a very real thing and keeping your attention on be careful and avoiding risky behaviours will help at an overall level.

Overall, a very progressive year if you have the right mindset. Be well, take care of your health, practice safety in every level of your life, do not expect everything to go your way, do the best you can with whatever you are doing and it will all work out to be the best (even if you can’t see that immediately).


Ox:  This year you can get a lot of blessings and make a lot of progress through your contact with women rather than men and you may attract high quality women who are willing to become your advocate and nobleman (a person who brings blessings) in your life… There can be really positive aspects that happen quickly in the area of career for you however, you have to be willing to do the work and expand things in a positive way even if you need to take up new topics or subjects you perhaps would not ordinarily consider to be important.

Having said that you also need to watch out miscommunications or being overly aggressive in your communications with others. It will be better to avoid arguing points (in an effort to win your point) or continuing and extending negotiations about sensitive discussions and look at how you could still achieve all if you were to make the horizon of what you are doing expand, rather than forcing your small point that brings bad feelings to the project. The only way you will be able to achieve this however will be to have your attention on being sensible and grounded and charitable yourself. If you deviate from this path – you may find things much more difficult and things may not work out to level they have the potential to become.

Be careful with your spending this year, be moderate with your lifestyle and spending choices. Do not let good fortune go to your head (otherwise you will lose touch with the magic). Keep personal safety in the back and front of your mind this year – for yourself and your network of friends, people, and connections.


Tiger:  You need to be very careful of attracting a lot of gossip this year that could affect people’s opinion of you to the extent that they re-consider working with you. Whilst the tiger normally does love to live in the land of “shock value…” this year there are certain aspect to this that will not work out particularly well and instead of this method creating the curiosity you like to deal with and respond to, it could simply turn people off and people may completely misinterpret your message. The year is good for interpersonal relationships but again be careful what you do or say as others will talk. Likewise in this year you need to avoid getting into defensive discussions where defend your arguments, your actions or your decisions. These things will not work out for you this year and instead of winning people over you may end up attracting lawsuits or “people opinion” you’d rather not have.

This is a good year to attract nobleman to your cause, however again, you need to be careful about the direction you take people. You can achieve quite high levels of academic success this year however you still need to apply it purposefully to what people want and what’s useful to them rather inflicting your own application of it on to them.

Give special attention to making sure all your documents are in order this year. Personal safety and being careful with your things is important. This will include your personal taxes and making sure you pay any penalties or royalties as they are due otherwise this could attract legal implications. This is not a great year for expanding business, it is a better year for exploring what people need and want. Public opinion is very important to you this year – so make sure you take advice on how to handle valid claims against your points rather than bolshing people and railroading them with your usual gusto!


Rabbit:  This year your sign combines favorably with the Dog Year and this means it can bring out all kinds of social activities, positive partnerships, and general good tidings. Whilst there certainly can be a very superficial element to this, if you understand and accept this, it can lead you to making a better impression, having a better impact overall upon others simply because you are not sucked in to the fact that today’s whim is tomorrows outdatedness. Do not expect the good vibes of today to be there tomorrow. This means go there for the deeper stuff yourself and you may transform some of that superficiality (not all of it of course) and attract the people you want this year simply because you are mitigating the circumstances to be better than their forecast.

Spending money could be a big issue for you this year and you are advised to make sure you know what your money is doing at every moment. You could easily see a lot of things you want to purchase or you could easily forget the other financial things you have committed to and find yourself short throughout the year. Set yourself a budget, review the budget regularly and stick to the plan. Its true that you want to achieve a lot with the finances you have this year, however make this a priority from the beginning of the year, otherwise you will not be successful (and you will run out!!).

Guard against taking people who have helped you to pave your success for granted this year. there could be conflicting circumstances in some of your dealings this year and you will need to standby the integrity of your purpose in a way where you do not alienate people who have helped you to achieve it. So being grounded, on control of yourself and sensible about finding the right balance for everyone would definitely be a job you would need to seek out (within yourself) to make things successful – otherwise that superficial floss could become the ruling element past the earth dog year. Overall a very progressive year if you have the right attitude yourself. You can make a lot of progress and headway in a year like this.


Dragon:  This is your clashing year Dragon so there is a certain element where you need to supervise the overall and take a back seat on putting yourself out there to cop the flack.

Whilst you do need to manage things from behind closed doors, make sure you are not setting yourself up to be picked on or leaving yourself open to people of lesser minds. Your strength lies in going forward with honesty and keeping the integrity of the situation in front of you (and not backing down on this) when all else fails. There can be times of upheaval this year, and the repeating pattern may include: separation, scattering and destabilising which can lead to discrediting. If you understand that this is the energy signature (and only an energy signature), then you will be able to work with this energy successfully. However, you will not be able to put yourself out there as the fall guy this year and you will not be able to make your points forcefully. The best way you will be able to move forward will be if you can simply and honestly state the facts and remain firm on them yourself. Seeking peaceful solutions is always your trump card. That, and not getting upset with silly things if they happen. Expecting things to be in a flux state will help your state of mind because you will be able to remove all questions. Then balancing this out with recreation and time out will help you to stabilise these events whilst keeping your finger on the pulse in a beneficial way.

Be careful with spending money this year. There are indications you could have a greater than average expenditure and you need to make sure your assets, cash and other financials are not being wasted or lost.


Snake:  The snake has an abundance of highly positive and successful stars in its palace this year. There are noblemen who will come to your assistance and help with suppressing unfortunate omens which can result in dissipating these energies and changing them to good (so that their value can be realized and manifested practically for everyone). The dragon virtue star also enables you to become an authority in your field and quickly gain a following at this level. Powerful people may endorse your work and come to assist you. There can be many congratulatory celebrations this year and lots of deep sharing’s with people who are close. In an overall sense this is a very good year for relationships and if single you may meet or cement a very special relationship that can yield a happy life ahead. In addition you can attract the type of support where just your friends and relationships boost your career – simply by the virtue of being. Just their love for you is sustaining and enables you to move forward with the strength of their support and love.

You do need to take care body-wise this year. Your body may have things going on that need to be attended to and this is the year to bring some of those long standing health issues under control. So be sure to set up a health and rest program for the body and it will look after you.

Possibly one of the only negatives this year is that you may need to make an allowance for people who are bit jealous of you or put out by your success. At this level it is wise to expect the unexpected and be willing to ride out the objections. If you have courage you may turn your haters into lovers but this will be dependent on how much power you have to tolerate the situation and how much they want to be a part of success. If they have intentions of success and a willingness to go for it, you may just end up making your enemies into your friends.


Horse:  This is a very good year for Horse Born people. According to your chart you represent the missing link in the 2018 year and if you can use those abilities to create strategies for others and support them to fulfil those strategies this will be an exceptional year for you.

The elements that lie within the horse structure (from a Chinese astrology point of view) can increase business, create an authority in your career and allow you to accumulate wealth for the entire year. Having said that, this is extraordinary luck and you will have to work for it. Do not think that you automatically have this coming and it will happen. It will NOT happen without a lot of planning and effort on your part. In fact the effort you make will also need to be exceptional! You do however, have a dynamic that’s travelling with you this year and can turn mishaps and problems or disasters into a positive experience but do not expect this to be an isolated event either. Your entire good fortune of this year relies heavily upon you having a positive intention, being intuitive, working for the greater good and putting in the effort to come up with a good idea and strategy, supporting others through it and getting the results for all your good work. If you can do this… you will be amongst the luckiest this year (and even much luckier than most).

Somewhere in amongst all of this will be family members who also need your help and wisdom to sort out a few things. You could have a family member who needs your help. Maybe you have an elderly parent who needs you to take up some care and help them to overturn difficult situations. Irrespective you are the guy/gal for the job and it will win you a lot of family blessings to be able to help (at the time of need).

Finally, the horse needs to be very careful of car accidents and extreme sport this year or even just living a little on the dangerous side.. There is a star that travels with you throughout the year that indicates you can get hurt if being reckless or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whilst you do also have indications that you might be OK in some instances, particularly when these things happening during travels… there might still be a bit of a penalty encountered so pay attention and take care of yourself and be wise about what your doing, etc.


Goat:  The goat does have a lot of good stars with it this year, however the dog year is also your “harm” year and so you do need to err on the side of caution. The positive energies around you this year do have the capability of reversing bad luck and removing obstacles but you need to be careful about taking this for granted – because if you can use this good fortune wisely you can certainly get a lot further ahead than if you just “blow off that good luck” recklessly.

There are a lot of chances for you to be successful this year and in particular attract nobleman type people who can come to your assistance and help you to carrying something special off. Be sure to communicate really clearly upfront so that you can sustain their help and co-operation.

This is a very good year to treat others very well and keep yourself clear of situations that lack integrity or stir up political feelings and activities. Getting yourself anywhere near this stuff in 2018 can really affect your successful outcomes and potential PLUS it can put you into a very negative category once the gossip starts.

You may gather some negative feedback from family and friends this year and if you do, it is recommended that you examine what’s going on to see if there are different ways of doing things or at least be aware of what’s offending people and ensure you and not compromising them in some way.. Do not just let this go and ignore it. You need to go forward with everyone as a part of your journey so if your family is not supporting you, it is wise to examine why and either help them to understand benefits (without being political or argumentative) or provide more support to them if they are disturbed by something you are doing.

All in all you have good chances this year. Be careful about being involved with people who are born in the year of the dog or people who lack integrity. Be sure to take a bit of time out to keep yourself rested and fresh in mind.


Monkey:  This year indicates you can do more travelling than usual and there could be a significant change to your monetary status if you do decide to do this. Having said that, you might find yourself missing close family and friends and this might present as a significant downside for you due to loneliness and/or boredom. So the thing to do will be to make sure you get enough rest, create routine that can regularly keep you in touch with your loved ones and put your head down and bum up so you can hurry up and get back to your inner circle. The truth is many people can value from your good advice and the strategies and solutions you offer in business and personal. Your contribution can make a significant difference. You have an academic star travelling with you in 2018 and you also have the opportunity to share some of the things you have been learning over the last few years. There could be unique opportunities for you to learn additional things or impart valuable information by following this particular path. You do have a special learning star travelling with you this year and it is good to be a part of totally new surroundings to get a fresh perspective and take on the new learning.

There can be unique opportunities available for you to prevent wastage of resources whether monetary or in human resources. You also need to guard yourself against losing things or having them stolen (by others) in the earth dog year. Be careful if travelling. Being vigilant with your things needs to be a priority for you in 2018 due to other people being careless or corrupt.


Rooster:  This year there is the chance for being recognized for your past offerings and achievements. Certainly various social groups may acknowledge your achievements however, this may be of little use to you and may actually cause you more stress unless you are working in the thick of your industry and trailblazing significant offerings within your industry.

At a personal level, this is a year for you to take more care than usual. You do have the “sickness” star in your palace this year and the Year of the Earth Dog generates a “harm” formation with the rooster. This means, there is something that can hurt you this year or leave its mark upon you – whether it is social, emotional, economic, reputation, or its just a simple dark cloud you feel hanging over you during the year. It is very likely there will be a personal effect. However, this also indicates there is some significant soul searching that does need to be done to get to the bottom of self-sabotaging elements that have been going on with you for some time. Suddenly, its as though your image and what you do could come under scrutiny and this is not without cause. There seems to be some level where you are not meeting your own standards ethically, and there is a gap in what you are willing to do and what’s good (or bad) for you to do. Actions are NOT without consequence and this year may present very valuable discoveries for you personally in terms of getting an overall picture relating to the pattern your life has taken. Be prepared to be significantly out of sorts this year as you go through this discovery. This is an important part of your soul journey and it’s imperative that you examine it truthfully with yourself. Spending more time in solitude may help you to focus on answers you need this year. If you remain in denial it is likely you will attract a lot of attention and gossip around your activities. You may even attract lawsuits and undesirable people to you in a year like this. So take it easy little rooster. Get some rest, look at how you can add balance alongside your soul searching and don’t be afraid to look at this truthfully. As irritating as it may seem, this year could be a blessing in disguise and open up the channels for you to flourish to a much greater capacity in the future.


Dog:  Whilst there is an element to this year where you are recognized for your artistic and intellectual contributions there is another element running alongside it which indicates that you can be lonely in the spotlight. There is no doubt that people see you as being a clever, talented achiever across many levels and in fact you will likely be known for your success, however, there is another level where you wish you could share these special moments with the people who are closest to you and yet that seems to be difficult. You are an expert but you seem to be an expert alone. Take a little solstice in the fact that most artists feel this way and it seems to be par for the course for all of them.

If you are in a management type of career you will likely have a lot of support from your peers and you may make bold moves throughout 2018. You will work better sticking with others because your animal sign is in conflict with the year (the Dog – the Dog is in conflict with the Dog).

On the other hand, if you are in a more supportive role yourself and have to answer to a boss on a regular basis – it is likely you can have a more difficult year, disturbed by events that don’t go right, elements of your job that are completely out of control, gossip and public opinion naysaying and if this happens you need to stay on the other side of it. If you get involved in it personally or start to get doubts you will get effected by the events going on it will make you lose your happiness. Make a plan to getaway every now and again and chill yourself out in events that refresh you. Go for weekends away. Book in for a yoga or a meditation retreat. Keep yourself entertained. In some ways its better if you accept the year as being a bit of an up and down year.

You may find that parts of your private life affect your working life and vis versa. So stay simple, be practical, be a bit lenient and supportive on yourself and just let it go. Pulling yourself away from disturbing elements will be the way you win this year, get stronger and more powerful. This is the way you will win.


Pig:  This year you have a lot of positive stars in your chart and this makes it a really good year to embark on new ventures and adventures… In particular you can attract a lot of help from Men who are in high position and this can give your whole career a big boost in terms of opportunity, wealth creation, and general fortune under these influences. Men-folk are your big benefactors this year and the effect may be felt in your personal life as well as and just being connected to your friends in general this year will help your career and life along. These two factors alone can help to stimulate your business network enabling you to expand your business, go for a new start up, or implement ways of expanding profit in your existing business.

In addition, there is a big “romance in the air…” and you have some valuable romance links in the Dog year. If single it’s possible to meet that special someone who can become your lifelong partner or at the very worst a lifelong friend. If married you can enjoy an extra special romance this year with your loved one and if in a stable relationship you might cement that to become a more committed relationship this year. In an overall sense there can be many celebrations and congratulations to party about and I’m sure you’ll manage that quite well.

NOW, having said all of that, if you are a lazy, sleepy Piggy (normally) then see if you have a close friend nearby who can give you a little slap to wake you up for this year. Because you can miss all of the above if you are a bit lazy and a tomorrow kind of person… and… oh well.. I’m sure you’ll live to see another day (no doubt) but anyways… its not just going to happen all by itself like a magic carpet ride now is it. So its really about how much fortune is good fortune for you and how much you’ll decide to make.

This is a year where you need to guard against being forgetful (including forgetting to go to work so you can reach out to those benefactors you have floating around you) and in particular forgetting really important details that can help you pull all of this together (and is guaranteed to leave mud on your face if you do). Also be very careful in active sports or taking physical risks on the road or otherwise. The stars indicate you need to be careful with travel and doing extreme sports (includes driving like a maniac on the road). Otherwise a good year.

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