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Feng Shui Toolkit Opens December 1st 2021 | Fix Enhance Activate Start Dec 3


1x Main Foundational Feng Shui Program and 3x Extra Advanced Feng Shui Mini Courses To Boost Your 2022

So "Huh, What and Duh..." (as in..) How Do We Do This?

Yes, if your feeling a bit confused and a little bit "huh, what and duh..." then let me explain...

When you start to go through the shoppingcart it will take you to our 2022 Feng Shui Foundation - Fix, Enhance, Activate Program FIRST and then to each of our other "Add-on programs" one by one. Whatever you decide to get or not get is fine with us.. Just know that there is no other way to get the additional programs after you complete the shoppingcart (and each Add-on program NEEDS "2022 Feng Shui Foundation - Fix, Enhance, Activate" to fix, enhance and activate energy in 2022). To help you understand what these additional Advanced programs offer we have added short video round ups below.

To Clarify..
Our Main Foundational Program 2022 Feng Shui Foundation - Fix, Enhance, Activate helps you to do your Feng Shui for 2022 and get it on track. Its a powerful program and if you didnt want to overdose on Feng Shui you could simply do this program, get a lot of benefit... and FLOURISH!

BUT... If your a Feng Shui Enthusiast.. If you Love Feng Shui.. If Your Business Suffered During Covid and You've Spent the Last Two Years Somewhat Stiffled and Oppressed.. and locked up in your home... (and NOW your Ready To Fly Again..) then, I recommend you explore the 2022 Advanced Blueprint Application and Advanced Personal Astrology add-on programs because they are BOTH Advanced Programs that can definitely take you there! Listen to the short videos (below) on what these programs can offer you.

Both of these Programs are suitable for:

  • Problem Solving at any level (with me in tow)
  • They Activate a Higher Level of Responsiveness from Your Feng Shui (Simply because we are adding more advanced Feng Shui formulas - and I will make sure you go in the right direction with them..)
  • They're Good for Getting You Back on Track (Hopefully to where you were before Covid - if not better!!)
  • They have the potential to trigger complete change (especially if you know where you want to go)
  • They're Life Changing Formulas that work off the back of 2022 Feng Shui Foundation - Fix, Enhance, Activate Program. Simply to make powerful change you need both.
  • The Final Program: 2022 Chinese Astrology Labs is a "Forewarned is Forearmed" Program. Every Year has its own unique set of ingrediants and we have a special way of customising this program to help you discover "Who You will Be in 2022" (what you're going to be good at). We also look at various industries and how they will fare in 2022 (and what you can use from your own horoscope to boost yourself in those industries..) PLUS Much Much More...

    We are ultimately selling this Program NOW because Black Friday coming up this week and we figure that if you like our other programs - we can give you this program at 40% off.
    2022 Chinese Astrology Labs kicks off in Early February. * All prices will go up on Dec 1st 2021 so take advantage of Black Friday.

2022 Feng Shui Foundation - Fix, Enhance, Activate
This program has everything you need to be able to fix, enhance and activate good energy in your buildings and YOUR LIFE this year. From setting up prosperity, to enhancing your career, your health, relationships. We will also get rid of negative energy in this program and go into important renovation information as well as special activations that can transform. We share indepth info on how ro use the various 2022 Feng Shui energies

STARTING: DEC 1 - Feng Shui Toolkit (11am - 1pm)
1. How to Draw Floor Plan to Scale - Do your Floor Plan
2. How to Overlay the Feng Shui Compass Grid

2022 Feng Shui Foundation - Fix, Enhance, Activate"
AUSTRALIA Dec 3 2021 3pm - until 5pm approx
USA 30th Nov 2021 at 8pm - 10pm PACIFIC USA
COST: US$47 until Dec 1 2021 $77 after that
Replay available + Facebook Live Q & A follow-up

Start Here

STEP 2 - Advanced Options #1
Add-on the
2022 Advanced Blueprint Application
This program takes an indepth look into Advanced Feng Shui Building Astrology according to your Building Alignment. It identifies additional prosperous elements only available to specific alignments (with the view to opening these up). It can also identify possible issues for the occupants in 2022 and provide important solutions. Very good for people who want to high jump after covid and get themselves back on track!

2022 Feng Shui-Advanced Blueprint Application
Part 1 AUSTRALIA Dec 11 2021 10am - until 12md
USA 10th Dec 2021 at 3pm - 5pm PACIFIC USA
COST: Part 1+2 US$37 until Dec 1 2021 $67 after that
Replay available + Facebook Live Q & A follow-up

Part 2 AUSTRALIA Dec 19 2021 3pm - until 5pm approx
USA 18th Dec 2021 at 8pm - 10pm PACIFIC USA
Replay available + Facebook Live Q & A follow-up

STEP 3 - Advanced Options # 2
Add on 2022 Feng Shui - Advanced Personal Astrology
This style of Feng Shui examines the yearly energies in a new way and shows you how to manouver yourself to be in the right space at the right time. Even though the Yearly Feng Shui Energies are "Rock Solid" this advanced application shows you how to go under the radar to create success and strength in your everyday living. Can be applied to all aspects of your life including: money, career, romance, getting more power and status, etc. Use Wisely.

2022 Feng Shui Astrology - Advanced Personal Astrology
Jan 8th 2022 11am - until 1pm approx
USA 7th Jan 2021 at 4pm - 6pm PACIFIC USA
COST: US$27 until Dec 11 2021 $67 after that
Replay available + Facebook Live Q & A follow-up

STEP 4 - Advanced Option #3
Add-on: Join us for the 2022 Chinese Astrology Labs as a part of a special deal at our rock bottom Early Bird price. In 2022 this program will reveal important information about the 2022 year, what it will mean for each one of us and who has "the luck of the irish" in 2022 (aside from the irish). It will highlight important energies, share how you can tap these, how to dodge negative energies and a very important focus for this program is not "How will my Year be..." instead the emphasis will be "Who will I be in 2022"

2022 Chinese Astrology Labs
Feb 10th 2022 11am - until 1pm approx
USA 9th Feb 2021 at 4pm - 6pm PACIFIC USA
COST: US$47 until Dec 1 2021 $77 after that
Replay available + Facebook Live Q & A follow-up

YES We Have Some Really Useful Bonuses this Year... Even if you only choose our 2022 Feng Shui Foundation
- Fix Enhance Activate
Program.. You will still get all of our bonuses

2022 Feng Shui Bonuses
1. 2021 Lucky Date Selection Calendar + Video Tutorial
(12 months of "Lucky Dates" to create Auspicious starts..)

2. Qi Men Wishing Sequences for 2022 
(Wishing Sequences to help us manifest our dreams)

3. Bringing the 4 Nobles to Your Home Activation
(A Yearly Feng Shui Activation to Bring Blessings)

What People Are Saying

Mariella Stockmal Entrepreneur
Dog Food Specialist
think outside the box

"The Yearly Webinar is super helpful to make people understand what all the good and bad energies do throughout the year."

Mariella Stockmal, Entrepreneur

"The change in our lives and home, has been enormous in the last 11 years. It has kept us safe from harm and created a peaceful atmosphere in our home"

Lorraine Elkos, Dog Food Specialist

"I tried going without this one year.. but my life was so much better with it - I only lasted 2 months and then I just had to know what the energies were again. It makes sense."

Deepak T, IT industry

Our Promise To You

We offer a 21 Day Refund Guarrantee on all our programs. If for any reason our Programs do not meet your expectations OR you feel unsatisfied with what we are offering.. You have 21 days to request a refund from the time of the program commencement (not from the date of sale).

We hope you will be happy but if not please contact us through our helpdesk (the info will come in our email).

Okie Dokie... READY... SET.. GO!!