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Yes, if you'd like to know about our 2022 Feng Shui Mini Courses this year (starting in December) we need to be able to contact you to share. So sign up here and we'll send you an email when the info finalises and we hope to see you in our program (can unsuscribe whenever you want to).

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Mariella Stockmal Entrepreneur
Lorraine Elkos - Dog Food Specialist
think outside the box

"The Yearly Webinar is super helpful to make people understand what all the good and bad energies do throughout the year."

"The change in our lives and home, has been enormous in the last 11 years. It has kept us safe from harm and created a peaceful atmosphere in our home."

"I tried going without this one year.. but my life was so much better with it - I only lasted 2 months and then I just had to know what the energies were again. It makes sense."

Mariella Stockmal, Entrepreneur

Lorraine Elkos, Dog Food Specialist

Deepak T, IT industry