The 3 Types of Luck

The Three Types of Luck

Aside from the understanding of Destiny, Luck, Feng Shui, Virtue and Knowledge, in a Taoist understanding the Chinese have always understood that in reality “Man” has three types of luck that accompany him throughout his lifetime.

Essentially these are:   Heavens Luck, Earth Luck and Man’s Luck.  And even though Heaven, Man and Earth appear in every building (heaven = the ceiling; Man = the walls, Earth = the flooring) we understand that the dynamics of heaven, man and earth are very real energies that fill our lives.

1.     Heaven’s Luck: 40% of the luck we have comes from Heaven. This means our Heavenly Blessings or the good fortune we have created from the past (our past actions and deeds create good fortune) – which accumulates to become the luck we have now…

2.     Earth’s Luck: 30% of the luck we have is said to come from the Earth and the way we are nourished by the Earth via the ‘Five Elements.’ The Chinese (and many ancient cultures) believe the Earth itself is made up of Five Elements which bring about creation, harmony, polarity, destruction. The typical way the Chinese harness “Earth’s Luck” is the use of Feng Shui. Feng Shui puts us into harmony with the Earth and the Five Elements.

3.    Man’s Luck: 30% of our luck is said to come from the things we do to create our own fortune. In other words: the decisions we make, the good ideas we have (and implement) and the things we follow up and do creates our fortune.

So what are these 3 Types of Luck and how do they play a part in our lives?   Read on to discover the deep spiritual information about Heaven, Man and Earth.  🙂