Earth’s Luck

Earth’s Luck: Creating Good Feng Shui

callig_earthAligning and Harmonizing to the Positive Energies in Nature Have Always Brought Good Results

Making Yourself Prosperous and Aligning yourself to your highest destiny means you’re not going to ignore your surroundings.

In Feng Shui, you make yourself more capable of “receiving” when you align to the positive forces that already exist within nature and your building.

When you can tap into these subtle meridians accurately… it can increase your ability to thrive (vs struggle) by 30%

In a building, earths luck represents the ground or the floor.  However, in real life, Earth’s luck is how I can tap into the influences of the earth energies in the ground to create harmonious energy, enhance my fortune and stabilize my life.

For instance, the use of Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra, Earth Harmonies, Earth Acupuncture, Permaculture, Dowsing, Harmonization of Earth Radiation, living in harmony with nature… all of these ‘earth healing arts’ tap into the “energies of the earth” and can help to put me into better harmony with “Earth’s Luck” or the positive energy created by the Five Elements.

Essentially, the ancients observed that when we are in harmony with the Earth… “life goes better.”

The formula for attaining access to “Earth Luck” is:
1) I need to be harnessing the currents of positive life force energy connected with the earth and the five elements – at both the seen and the unseen levels.
2) Then I need to be reducing or avoid the negative aspects of seen and unseen life force energies.
3) By having a positive flow of life force energy around me, designed for me, the Chinese believe that this can help to increase your “Man’s Luck”.

This is because you ‘feel’ better.

When we are in harmony with the currents of the life force energy flow we are naturally in tune with our surroundings, our destiny and our life. There is no doubt, we can definitely steer our life and destiny when we have peace (as against chaos).

How Earth’s Energy Can Help
Feng Shui Masters all agree that when your luck is down, Feng Shui helps to make life flow better.

Also, when people are down in luck they normally make the wrong decisions/attract negative energies in an unconscious way (this is called the sabotaging element).

In fact, the Chinese have understood this ‘sabotage’ for a long time.  They advise seeking the help of a reputable and ethical Feng Shui Master so you can start to make a positive change, creating better energy to get yourself “out of the rut.”

Sometimes when we are in bad luck we don’t like to listen to anyone who offers us good advice. And this is known to continue the cycle of bad luck.  This type of scenario is often very easily detectable in Chinese astrology or even the Flying Stars Chart of our building.  Using these tools we can guide ourselves to make better decisions, etc.  🙂