Heaven’s Luck

Heaven’s Luck: The Fortune We are Born With…

callig_heavenThe Heavenly Blessings We Have Created From the Past Give Us a Silver Lining today and in our Future…

What is Heavenly Fortune? Some people call it connecting to the Source, Others Say it is Tapping into God, “The Universe or a Higher Power…”

In an eastern perspective there is the understanding that the things we create in our lives today, will be a part of our lives tomorrow – therefore we like to try and create positive things in our lives today so that our “tomorrow” is positive and has a brighter future..

So What is Heavens Luck or Heavens Fortune…?

Heavens luck describes the luck or fortune I am born with – my fate, my karma or my destiny if you like.

In a building ‘Heaven’ represents the ceiling, whilst the walls represent ‘Man’ and the flooring represents ‘Earth.’  However in our lives, ‘Heaven’ represents the luck I have created from before (the fortune I created in the past).

For instance, any kind and charitable actions I perform is said to accumulate blessings and this goes towards creating a “positive credit account” with the universe.

On the other hand, if I live a life where I take, take, take and never give back anything… it can potentially put me into deficit with the universe and in fact, in Feng Shui we know that the law of ‘giving and receiving’ is a part of the 18 conditions of Yin and Yang.

Ultimately, Heaven’s Fortune is the life force energy that is beyond my ability to control.

It describes my astrology and the way the planets were arranged at my time of birth – how these will influence me and the types of life force energy this brings to me throughout my lifetime.

For instance, I may be born on the 1/1/2001 into an extremely wealthy family or a famous family so there will be certain influences from that set of circumstances that will be beyond my ability to control.   Likewise, the same thing would occur if I was born on the 1/1/2001 at exactly the same time and place but was born into a poor family instead of a wealthy family (so exactly the same horoscope BUT born into different social circumstances).  Again, there will be elements of that social circumstance that are beyond my ability to control.  So it becomes amazing to think about the potential impact on the outcome of the person due to social circumstances.

Do I have any control over Heavens Luck?
Essentially we know that Heavens fortune is beyond our ability to control.  Having said that, an important thing we do know about Heaven’s Luck is that we always have the ability to create good Heavens Luck.  This is because good, positive deeds always add a ‘credit’ and a positive addition to our fortune at any time.  By the same token, it is worth noting what goes around comes around… and sometimes we have lessons to learn or we can be a part of the lessons others have to learn…

Heaven’s luck is always considered to be “destiny”, something you can’t change or alter… compared to something you do have the power to change.  🙂