Man’s Luck

Man’s Luck: The Luck We Create for Ourselves

callig_manStart Understanding Your Own Potential To Create Your Own Good Fortune Because this is the Beginning of Making Yourself Extremely Lucky!

Even though the Fortune that we can potentially create for ourselves is unlimited… In reality the manifestation of such fortune is wholly dependent on “our awareness” and how much we recognise, realise and act upon!

In a building Man’s Luck is represented by the walls.  However, in real life, “Man’s Luck” means the luck I create in my lifetime through the efforts and decisions I make…

For instance:
1.     Do I recognize the opportunities that come to me and take advantage of them?
2.     Am I able to detect luck and fortune and accept it in my life?
3.     Do I know how to create good fortune using my abilities, talents and skills?
4.     Do I know my real virtues and strengths and use them positively?
5.     Do I understand my weaknesses accurately? (ie knowing what your not good at is just as important as knowing what you are good at…!)
6.     Am I able to see the effect of my decisions and actions (including the impact on others) – even before I make them?
7.     Am I strong enough to remain uninfluenced by small things that could drag me down or make me change focus?

Man’s Luck and Fortune is dependant on his own creation.
Even if something really negative happens in life… If I can response resourcefully (ie using the virtues I have within me) – I really do have the power to change my life and steer my own destiny.

This is why the Chinese fully believe that in the end: our “Man’s Luck” is our means to creating Good Fortune.  We alone have the power to change somethings that’s negative into somethings that’s positive.

When we understand this aspect deeply and we really take it into our own hands to do it and be active in it… we have an enormous ability to create an outstanding fortune and become prosperous on the inside…  🙂