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SAVE 95% Off "The Ultimate Feng Shui Success Bundle"

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SAVE 95% Off My Ultimate Feng Shui Success Bundle ($4077 Value)

The "Ultimate Feng Shui Success Bundle"


Our Premium Grade Feng Shui Toolkit


Bring Your Floor plan up to speed using our Feng Shui Toolkit. Do this segment once.. to either create a floor plan from scratch (if you don’t have one) or modify an existing floor plan you do have one.  This will help you to plan and accurately measure out the rest of your Feng Shui in an easy and neat way to activate in your home..
– Follow these easy step-by-step instructions and this will help you to organize and systematize your Feng Shui success into the future..
– Eliminate any confusion quickly and easily using this professional system of working with your floor plan.
– Do this once and have it for a lifetime..


The Ultimate Front Door Guide

Discover the secrets of activating positive energy flow in your home through your front door. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to enhance the entrance to attract abundance and harmony (and avoid Feng Shui Blockages).
– Set your Front Door up to attract positive opportunities and success into your life.
– Improve the overall energy flow in your home for a harmonious living space.
– Learn how to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests.


Clearing Your Clutter in Body, Mind, Spirit..


DO You Have an Organization Problem or a Genuine Clutter Problem?  Do you manage to put your things away only to find that they seem to come back and re-accumulate? 
BEGIN the 6 Week Clutter Journey with us from your Front door to the very end of your home.
–  Learn about the impact that physical clutter has on your life (and how better organization can help).
–  Discover the difference between your most vibrant areas and areas that need more  support..
–  Explore a new found way of assessing “clutter” and the ways and means of making energetic corrections.. 


Smudging & Energy Purification Ritual Guide

Learn the proper sequence and techniques for smudging and purifying negative energy in your home. This guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to perform effective energy cleansing rituals using smudging tools.
– Clear stagnant and negative energy from your living space for a fresh start.
– Create a clean and uplifting environment that promotes positive energy flow.
– Enhance the overall energetic balance in your home, improving your well-being and harmony.


Personal Feng Shui Astrology, Harmony and Wellbeing Guide

Understand how you can align your Personal Feng Shui Astrology with the principles of Feng Shui to enhance your well-being and prosperity in ANY Building. Do this for your loved ones to harmonize them in any building. This guide provides insights into harmonizing energies based on individual astrological signs and birthdates.
– Discover how to maximize your personal astrology energies by tapping into 3 unique super charged locations within your home.
– Optimize the flow of positive energy to support your personal growth and success.
– Achieve a harmonious balance between your personal astrology and your living environment.


Successful Feng Shui Directions Workshop

Learn how to identify and utilize your best Feng Shui directions for optimal results, no matter where you are. This handbook and workshop provides practical tips and techniques to harness the power of directional energies in various situations.
– Tap into your personal success directions to enhance your career and wealth prospects.
– Maximize the positive energy in your home or office by aligning with the most favorable directions.
– Improve your overall well-being and relationships through strategic placement based on Feng Shui directions.


Furry Family Members Well-being and Harmony Guide

Create a designated space in your home that promotes the well-being and happiness of your pets. This guide offers expert advice on Feng Shui principles for setting up a pet-friendly environment and ensuring their comfort.
– Provide a nurturing and positive living space for your furry friends.
– Enhance the bond between you and your pets through a harmonious environment.
– Promote the overall health, well-being and happiness of your pets.


The Ultimate Meditation Space Design Blueprint

Discover the benefits of creating a dedicated meditation space in your home and learn how to find the perfect place for it. This blueprint provides guidance on setting up a tranquil and harmonious area for your meditation practice.
– Create a peaceful sanctuary within your home to cultivate mindfulness and relaxation.
– Enhance your meditation practice by eliminating distractions and promoting serenity.
– Experience a deeper sense of inner peace and clarity through a well-designed meditation space.


Activating the 4 Noble House Energies...

Traditionally each year there are secret energies that provide protection and can help you to overcome any difficulties throughout the year. By activating these energies at a special timing brings an overall harmony and protection to your home for the year.
– Activating this special “Unseen Layer” of Feng Shui brings special protection to your home and family members throughout the year.
– Adding your own wishes and intentions at this particular timing can help you to manifest your hopes and dreams.
– Approach your year from this special perspective and increase your positive mindset for the year.


2024 Auspicious Lucky Dates Calendar

Unlock the power of auspicious dates to maximize your chances of success and favorable outcomes. This calendar highlights the most auspicious dates for various activities, such as moving, starting a business, or signing important contracts.
– Plan important events and activities on favorable dates for increased success.
– Avoid potential obstacles and challenges by choosing the right timing.
– Harness the positive energy of auspicious dates to manifest your desires.


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Feng Shui done correctly frequently brings great results, but as we all know, unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. We don’t consider Feng Shui to be a “get rich quick program” – even though a large majority of people who use it do change their fortunes using Feng Shui. As stipulated by law, we are unable to make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. The testimonials we share throughout our programs are not intended to be representative of typical results, nor are they a guarantee or promise of any results. Rather, being successful in anything requires the right attention, intention, action, good decisions and commitment on your part. If you don’t believe me, try driving an airplane without putting in any work, and see how that goes! For this reason, we recommend you proceed with this consultation, masterclass, bundle or course training knowing that as much as success is highly likely in many areas of what we will be sharing.. even the most advanced Feng Shui applications cannot guarantee that you would become successful. For our Full Disclosure click here..

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