Color Creates the Strength


Are you looking to create a more powerful look in your home?

How to Blend Feng Shui Colors to create “power” in the environment.

Look at this beautiful Adobe style wall against the typical turquoise door and trim.  Historically the original Spanish settlers used to use a blue front door to protect themselves from evil spirits and negative influences.  In reality I think it works – simply because it creates a beautiful contrast.

From a Feng Shui point of view, the orange/yellow color is “earth” according to the five element sequence.  The turquoise is the “wood” element.  Because “wood” controls or attacks the “earth” this is considered to be a dynamic arrangement.  Mind you, creating a dynamic like this would be best in the right Flying Stars energy.  Still it is very beautiful to look at – wouldn’t you agree?


Photo originally comes from Photo-tistic on Flickr (thank you)


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