Fixing Bad Feng Shui


Trying to fix some bad Feng Shui?

Got Bad Feng Shui?  It’s always a challenge if you have bad Juju Going on in the Home…  But Sometimes its Really Easy to Fix!  So how do we fix up Bad Feng Shui?

The starting point for consultations that intend to fix bad Mojo is to examine the bad luck your experiencing more closely.

For instance, is it recent?  Has it always happened?  Did it just start this year? Was there a series of events that precipitated it? (what were they) What kind of events happened?  What was the effect? How Bad was Bad…?

There’s a bit to explore with this kind of consultation but taking the time to make a proper examination is always worthwhile in my experience.

  1.     Sometimes we need to explore the yearly stars transits
  2.     Sometimes we need to explore your personal Chinese astrology
  3.     Sometimes there are things going on in your building
  4.     Sometimes there have been changes to the good building astrology (after renovations)
  5.     Sometimes, small changes to the environment have unleashed the dragon (so to speak)

So generally this type of consultation can and should explore everything.  And typically you’d be amazed at how quickly this situation can turn around once you pin-point the real problem.

This is the type of consultation where if you add a couple of right Feng Shui remedies to the right spot – the entire problem can disappear very quickly!! (seriously)  🙂