Building a Home with Feng Shui


Building Your New Home with Feng Shui

Basing Your Building Design Around the Feng Shui You Have According to your Unique Block of Land Creates Extra Ordinary Results…

When most people think of Building a Home with Feng Shui there’s the Design, the Architecture, the Interior Design and Planning, the Color schemes and finally the Landscaping to consider.

Usually this means hours and hours of planning, discussing and sifting through color sachets, samples and interior design finishes until finally it all comes together. So why would you want to add Feng Shui to the equation…? Because the Chinese consider that Building with Feng Shui… is the ultimate use of Feng Shui. Building with Feng Shui brings astronomical returns in all areas of life – love, romance, relationships, money, health… plus your creating a healing environment!

If you’re going to spend all that money building your home then why not design and build it in the best way to support you, your family members, your personal horoscopes and the environment…

Ground up Feng Shui designing is considered to be the icing on the cake by both clients and Feng Shui practitioners because the levels of auspicious energy you can create in a building – even before the interior design fittings are added – is incomparable to any other Feng Shui consultation. It is, without a doubt, the consultation of choice.

The positioning of the front door in a prosperous energy is an incredible way of increasing your success and well-being. So is making sure the master bedroom, the main living areas, the bathrooms, etc are all in the right spot to avoid sickness and other negative energies. Tapping into the unseen levels from the outset gives you the luxury and the opportunity to strengthen the health stars and increase the human fortune factor (ie the human luck). Then you have the chance to harmonise every room, every colour and every interior design feature to increase and get the best out of your ‘building horoscope’.

In every building there are two prosperity energies and two energies which enhance the human fortune for the occupants. Getting these arranged in the right place from the start is the ultimate in Feng Shui designing as well as a promising investment into how your lifestyle is going to be in the future.

The average 3-4 bedroom house can take up to 2 days to design from start to finish (includes all 4 stages of design). All designs are done in conjunction with Gayle’s Architectural team or the Architect of your choice. Corporate designing is quoted separately and is based on the amount of time taken to design it in conjunction with your Architect.

There are four main stages involved in the building process:

  1. Getting the skeleton right (ie getting everything in the right spot)
  2. Color schemes and major interior design features
  3. Furniture placements
  4. Adding Feng Shui remedies or misc interior design features to ‘activate it’

Without doubt, building with Feng Shui is the Best.
Get ready for BIG success!  🙂