8 Tips for 2015 Chinese New Year


Gayle Welcomes You8 Tips for Your BEST Chinese New Year in the Year of the Wood Goat 2015
Even Though the Lunar Chinese New Year Officially starts on February 19 2015, the actual solar New Year and energies come in on the 4th of February at 12.09 mid-day. So this means it’s good to begin thinking about what newness you can bring to your home and your life in 2015.

On January 26 it is a special wishing day, so you may wish to follow the directions given for that and make your best wish for the entire New Year!

Here are my Top 8 “Best Do’s”

  1. Commencing today and leading up to Thursday 29th of January do a big spring clean and get rid of any clutter, rubbish and old belongings you no longer need. It brings extra luck to remove these via the back door.
  2. Do not cry or complain on either of the two Chinese New Year Days because they are “precious beginnings” (ie Feb 4th or Feb 19th).  Additionally do not argue with anyone, don’t speak bad words, do not gossip about anyone, or refer to things of the past.  Traditionally… it is believed if you cry, complain, speak badly, etc, you will have these experiences the entire year! Remain happy and positive…
  3. Get together with Family and Friends. Spend time eating together and sharing fun times together. Write each other’s virtues down on red paper and randomly position these at the dinner table for sharing during your meal.
  4. On New Year’s Day it’s good to wear new clothes or start a new project – even if it’s just beginning an outline. New clothes are a symbol of newness and a new life and creating the outline for new plans begins the plan on an auspicious day.
  5. Do not borrow or lend money on New Year’s day or over the entire 10 days of New Year period (starting on Feb 4 and going through the Lunar New Year as well). If you lend money to someone else – you will lend out money the whole year and if you borrow on New Year’s Day you will be in debt for the whole year…
  6. Your best chance for wealth is to re-pay any debts before the beginning of New Year to allow a New Start to the New Year. When you are free of debt you are already wealthy and you have greater chance to accumulate more wealth – because you are ready and able to receive the wealth (rather than lose it because you have to pay it back to someone).
  7. The Chinese are also big believers in settling disputes and disharmony from the past. They believe in starting the New Year free from personal burdens because you free to create your greatest fortune…
  8. On the day of the Chinese New Year (Feb 19) shoot off firecrackers and bang pots and pans to dispel bad omens and bring in the new… Open every door and window in your home at midnight to let go of the old year… and let in the new (keep them open for ½ hour).

After January 29 it’s important not to clean or disturb the house in any way just prior to New Year’s Eve.

This is when the New Yearly Feng Shui Energies are entering the house and it can trigger bad luck in the home for the whole year. Nothing should be moved around before the Chinese New Year.

OK it’s time to get ready for your best Chinese New Year YET….!

Gayle 🙂