Destiny and Luck

Destiny, Luck, Fortune and other deep mysteries in life

Destiny-LuckThe Secret Ways the Chinese have been using Feng Shui to create Good Fortune

The Chinese have been using Feng Shui “their way” to create Good Fortune for thousands of years.

The Chinese use of Feng Shui is without a doubt way more holistic than the Western approach. Firstly, they use Feng Shui for problem solving things that are going on in life. The Chinese use Feng Shui for Romance and for setting up the Feng Shui in their Bedrooms. The Chinese use Feng Shui for carving out wealth creation and they may even reject many building based on the Feng Shui because it doesn’t match up to their goals.

When it comes to the business of Feng Shui, there is a very famous saying that illustrates exactly how the Chinese think about it:

The Chinese Say:

First is a man’s Destiny,
Second is his Luck,
Third is his Feng Shui,
Fourth is his Virtue
and Fifth is his Knowledge.

(Old Chinese proverb)


Feng Shui And Our Lives

In life, we are influenced by many things. We can be influenced by our culture, social expectations, our family and history, our loved ones, then finally our limitations or even our good qualities as humans.

On top of this we can be influenced by the energy of our physical environment, the luck of our buildings and other life force energy that operates around us.

You may be wondering why I have bothered to mention such information but actually, the Chinese never separate Feng Shui from a person’s destiny or their luck, or the type of circumstances that operate around them, in fact, this is very much a part of the Feng Shui equation and consultation. Feng Shui is holistic.

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