Before you Rent or Buy Office


Before you Rent it or Buy it.  What Should You Do if You Know the Building You’re About to Rent Has a Bad Past History…!

Whenever I hear that a building has had a bad history – even the most level headed person seems to get a few tail feathers ruffled I notice…

You’ll be very pleased to know that in Feng Shui just because a building has had a bad history before doesn’t mean it will translate back to you.  Having said that, sometimes building are built so badly (according to the unseen Feng Shui influences) that they can’t be completely fixed without a fit out of some description.

Sometimes a big fit out is needed and at other times – it might just take a few small alterations and a little push and pull here and there and voila!  The new arrangement completely changes the fortune of the building and gets you past the gate.  So what should you looks for when making your changes?

3 Important Things to look for:

1.  A flexible front entrance.  If you’ve got super bad juju at the front door – relocating the front door (which might not be too hard to do in some internal office fit-outs) could make all the difference and completely change your fortune.  It’s good to check to make sure that the change you intend to make is going to better than what you’ve currently got.  We look into the unseen energies to find this out.

2.  Sometimes, making a few changes to the way the last people had the layout can make a big difference.  This might be as simple as pulling down a single wall – but the effect is, it changes the entire layout and the entire fortune of the company…

3.  In any building layout (notwithstanding a few exceptions) there are always dozens of ways to use an existing layout.  But having more than 1 entrance into the building or more than 1 board room possibility or more than 1 senior office layout potential – allows you to get the maximum out of you the building.  Always try to go with a flexible building arrangement – because these have the greatest capabilities of change.  If you have got super bad energy – you need to be able to change it, so looking for something that’s flexible gives you a greater way of achieving this.

Looking into Feng Shui before you buy or rent has the luxury of a sneak peek.  In reality when you use Feng Shui you get to find out about the good, the bad and the ugly before you make such a big commitment like signing yourself in to a 2 x 2 year or a 10 x 10 year rental agreement.

Important details to know about before you sign your life away:

1.  How much effort is required to create a successful, harmonious and prosperous arrangement.
2.  Can this building be renovated or expanded into good luck energy?
3.  Does this building have negative energies that would be overwhelming to anyone that was here?  🙂