Office Extensions


Does every office Extension equate to “progress” and being a good thing in Feng Shui?  From a business point of view it usually means we’re growing our business and we’re experiencing an expansion of business (so it’s good right)?

Well, there is a very interesting dynamic that happens when we extend an office space (or a building floor space area).  From a Feng Shui point of view we are, in reality, changing the Feng Shui Grid – which could really work in your favor or it may not – I’ve added some pictures of clients house plan for you to see and the reality is: even though its a house floor plan… The same thing happens in business.  Read below to see my take.

home Extension-grid change
See the size of the original apartment.  As a couple this studio apartment allowed them to be very prosperous and happy.  Soon they were able to purchase the apartment next door which was slightly bigger than their studio apartment and expand into it.  They used to have a prosperity energy falling over the front door.  The prosperity was in the South (see south on compass at the original diagram).

When they did their extension, the South sector shifted and so they no longer had a prosperity star over their front door – which they really felt a few months later 🙁

This is why its always good to check before you buy and before you extend 🙂