Attracting Helpful People


Being around people who actively help you is a sign of good fortune.  Even so, there is still an art to surrounding yourself and Attracting Helpful People…

According to the ancient Laws of Yin and Yang there is a very deep connection between people who help you and these are primarily focused upon the laws of exchange and reciprocation.

In reality the helpful people you have around you is forged by a connection you’ve already created.  The next step after this is sustaining and creating a positive environment of giving and receiving.

In Feng Shui the law of giving and receiving is a prerequisite for “attaining a helpful band of people.” Where a mutual relationship exists there is a constant exchange of give and take and the more that you authentically give to others… the more that they will support you – especially at your time of need.

Creating an easy going, natural network like this is certainly a legitimate sign of wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui.  Indeed, the Feng Shui of helpful people is connected to the laws of reciprocation through which these secret cosmic laws create open blessings and active fortune. 🙂