Feng Shui Office Fitout


Feng Shui Office design, desk arrangements, fit-out, space planning and Tips for the Design Process…  What to Plan For In Your New Office Fit-Out…

Getting an office to Fit You…  (instead of the other way around…) It’s so wonderful when it happens..  We’ve already outlined the virtues of basing a fit out or renovation consultation around the unseen Feng Shui influences for the building… But now we’d like to take you through the process Feng Shui normally takes to do this.  Follow us step by step.

The Office Design Process with Feng Shui:

To begin with, every office design usually follows the same processes – no matter what the design

i)      An initial site visit; a compass reading of the building to determine the facing direction the building.  From here we measure our compass reading against the accurate floor plan you provide us with (that must be in proper proportion/‘to scale drawing’).  If you are doing a long distance consultation – we do these same things but we use different methods.

ii)     To formulate the correct building horoscope we need to know

a) when you moved into the building
b) when the building was constructed

iii)     We analyze people horoscopes within the building so we need

a) birth date of the boss/owner and
b) birth date of key workers (could be senior management or important experienced staff within your organization)

iv)    We set up an appointment time to go through the findings and brainstorm your layout.

2.      We meet to go through the Feng Shui findings.  In this meeting we will:

a) Come to the meeting with solutions to any problems.
b) We will also have a plan for expanding prosperity within the building.
c) We’ll take about and settle everything else in between.

At this particular meeting we are hoping to outline what you intend to do and what you don’t intend to do.  Sometimes we might have to meet with your architectural team before this can be established because there are always building regulations to meet and other factors (beyond everyone’s control).

3.    Then we meet with your architectural / interior design team to work through the Feng Shui sensitivities in the project and the design team work out how the Feng Shui recommendations can fit into their existing design plan for the office.

4.    Follow up diagrams and reports are provided for the architectural/design team to work from based on meeting discussions.

5.    The Feng Shui Master continues to supervise the design plan until the Feng Shui requirements are safely building into the office design plan.  Once the design plan has been signed off (by the Feng Shui Master) and approved of by the client, the building is ready for construction.

When the Fit-Out is completed:
6.    After you’ve moved in we do a follow up visit to see the site and analyse the energy of the building with everyone in it.  This particular visit is important because sometimes things are left out in building processes and we need to know what’s there and what’s not so that we can base our final calculations on the environment correctly.

7.    At this stage we devise the final Feng Shui remedy requirements needed to complete the Feng Shui Consultation process to activate all the Feng Shui we have put in place through planning the office layout.  We supply you with a final diagram and report of these items as well as instructions on how to install them.  At this stage you will install these at your own leisure or according to the order we may construct for you (which would be based upon your building horoscope requirements).

8.    From here you are good to go – your consultation is complete.   🙂