Schools of Feng Shui

How This Ancient Information Comes Together to Solve Problems and Generate Prosperity and Good Fortune

Many People who have a great interest in Feng Shui do not realize that in Feng Shui there are quite a number of applications you can use for different areas of your life depending on what you are trying to do.

For instance, there are formulas you can use for stimulating romance, then there are formulas you can use for helping someone through a health issue and finally other formulas you can use for decreasing lawsuits, creating wealth, activating travel, attracting blessings, etc.

Some are very simplistic and these are generally not used professionally.  Other applications are very are sophisticated and very effective.  In reality, Feng Shui itself has a very detailed, long standing track record of problem solving and we use these methods when we want to get certain results.

So even though all Feng Shui applications are aimed towards creating harmony and prosperity, restoring balance and creating or supporting the good fortune aspects, the reality is there are different applications used for different situations and then every situation will vary according to the actual environment in question…