Selling Your Home


How to Use Feng Shui to Get the Best Selling Results

When we use Feng Shui to assist in selling our homes or buildings we are trying to maximize our chances of appealing to the greater audience to get the best selling price possible.

So in reality, with this type of consultation there are no plans to knock out the walls or relocate the kitchen.  In fact we’re talking about rearranging certain features in the home (ie creating different furniture arrangements, removing excess furniture, placing strategic objects to activate the prosperity, etc) and adding subtle Feng Shui Remedies to calm or increase the energy levels of your home, which in turn makes it more appealing at an energetic level.

Funnily enough, when I do this kind of consultation people often comment on how they wished they’d had this kind of Feng Shui consultation before they decided to sell because it really does change the atmosphere of the building and that’s what we’re aiming for:

At the most basic level, people are more tuned into the “feel of the building” vs the look of the building (even though aesthetics are important).

In fact, people are even willing to forgive a house that needs extensive renovation or a complete makeover if the underlying vibes within the home are outstanding.

So yes, the colors, the layout, the presentation of the house including smells, textures, are important.  But believe me when I say, that the feel of the building will surpass everything because at an unconscious level there is not a person walking who doesn’t want to live in a building that’s got really good vibes.

Good vibes is the big key to selling homes…

And the good news is, with this kind of consultation we are talking about adding tiny Feng Shui remedies here and there to change the energy of the building in its trouble spots.

This will help your building get sold faster than anything else (including big makeovers if they’re not based on Feng Shui)! 🙂