Yearly Fengshui Updates


Yearly Stars Feng Shui for Home.  Your Annual Insurance Policy to Eliminate Bad Feng Shui.

Just as there is a different reigning animal in Chinese astrology each year (in 2014 it will be the year of the Wood Horse), in Feng Shui, there are transiting influences that enter our buildings and affect our Feng Shui – for the better or worse.

These unseen energies enter a building at the beginning of the Chinese New Year; they exert their influence throughout the entire year and then completely change over at the beginning of the next year and so it continues.  In fact, so real are these influences that each year, Yearly Feng Shui Assessments are very common place throughout Asia because the Chinese are very keen to counteract any negative energy which could affect their finances or their family.

In the most severe instances, these energies can trigger a mysterious onset of unexplained bad luck, financial difficulties, sickness that can hit suddenly or lawsuits that come from no-where.  And, if you’ve ever had a year “that went pear-shaped” you’ll understand the value this kind of consultation can bring.  These days we make this consultation so easy to do that you can log in and do it step by step online.

If you had an original Feng Shui consultation, it doesn’t mean those foundation changes are invalid… it just means a minor addition or subtraction of a simple Feng Shui remedy will tweak your unseen energies for the year following the original consultation.

The other thing to know about Yearly Feng Shui Assessments is:
If you know the location of your existing prosperity locations (according to the unseen influences) you may have an opportunity to tweak your prosperity influences if the prosperity stars arrive at these locations within your building that year (so you might be able to boost your prosperity energy if you know where they are).

Alternatively, if a ‘bad energy’ arrives at a critical location like your bedroom or the main front door, then you can counteract this too – and that’s what makes this kind of Feng Shui consultation so valuable! 🙂