Form and Shape

Form and Shape Applications – the Glue of Feng Shui

Form and Shape School is the original Practice of Feng Shui.  This Ancient Application of Feng Shui is the Basis For ANY Feng Shui Consultation and Always Will Be…

In Feng Shui study, the applications of “Form and Shape” date back to the earliest recollections of Feng Shui. Form and Shape Applications explain the secrets and true meaning behind the words “Feng Shui” (Wind and Water).

The Chinese believe:

   “The Energy Dissipated By The Wind…
Stops At The Boundary of Water…”

Ultimately, this means that the Life Force Energy that could be scattered by wind, can be gathered by water and forms within the environment. The role that Form and Shape plays in Feng Shui is so profound that it supports all applications and interpretations/schools of Feng Shui – irrespective of the school or method.

Form and Shape is the basis to understanding the types of life force that flow in a building and how to alter them to become positive from negative. Without this deep understanding NOTHING can be Remedied in Feng Shui.

For instance:

  1. How does the life force naturally flow in a building? (according to its layout)
  2. How can you judge the greatest influence affecting the flow of life force energy inside a building once it arrives?
  3. What should you do if you suspect your new home or office is not holding the life force energy or Chi? (ie all the Good Luck and Fortune is falling out of the building)
  4. What are the Form and Shape steps you need to take if you have to solve a problem in the external environment that is bringing your Bad Luck and Bad Feng Shui to your building?

The “Form School” is the study of how to correct the flow of life force energy caused by structural building problems or placements. Often the remedies are simple, effective and can include normal everyday interior design.

Form and Shape is the missing link to the deeper applications of Feng Shui such as the Flying Stars, Eight Mansions, etc. Every consultation in Feng Shui needs “Form and Shape” analysis.

Without a deep understanding of Form and Shape applications – it is not possible to remedy Bad Feng Shui or a Bad Luck situation… 🙂