Feng Shui for Families


In Feng Shui, family is to do with your spiritual origins.  It’s your ancestry, the family members you are connected to, the people you were destined to be born with… 

In Feng Shui “Family” has always held a position of honor and respect right throughout Chinese history.   In fact, there are many ancient Feng Shui practices that even now focus on creating wealth and prosperity for the next generation of descendants – based upon taking the strength and good Feng Shui created from the original ancestors of the past…

The reality is the Chinese have always understood the deep significance that “family” has upon us in our lives, because the roots we come from are very important, often shaping the destination we are traveling towards.  When you think about it, this is not such a silly notion – there are many kinds of incredible talents, skills, health conditions and behavioral patterns that travel down from generation to generation through families.  For instance, talents (singing, acting, artistic ability, medicine, carpentry, dance, Kung Fu, Feng Shui); business acumen, military know how; high distinctions and other scholarly achievements to the very opposite – crime, shame, deceit, fraud, etc, to name a few.

For better or worse we are shaped by our families.  Often it’s the negative experiences we’ve had with family that really have a potential to forge a positive determination within us and shape us as individuals.  And for many in these instances, when they rise above the phoenix they really do have the ability to completely change and transform the deep habits that lie within families.

In modern society, many are estranged from their families.  And this often creates the dynamic where really it’s our friends that become our family.   Irrespective, we still have a deep connection to the people we are born to live side by side with, and every person within our lives brings their own special form of influence to shape us and share some type of blessing.  So the relationship we form with others are unique to the lessons we need to develop according to our own spiritual path and this in turn brings us many blessings and allows us to share the blessings we develop with others.

And the relationship to Feng Shui?  It’s about unique furniture arrangements (where each family member resides), the allocation of living spaces and rooms, directions for harmonious sleeping and living… So yes, Feng Shui really can help you to Harmonize your Home… AND, it can also help you to Harmonize your Family…  🙂