Before You Buy it


Before You Rent or Buy It

The Secret Weapon Behind Making Sure you Can Create a Fortune to Begin with… Feng Shui to have before you buy your home…

It’s hard to imagine “try before you buy…” Feng Shui being an actual possibility, but then again I guess it’s hard to imagine how an acupuncture needle in the elbow can fix your kidney!

There’s no doubt about it, the Chinese system of medicine and Feng Shui are obscure and abstract but if you know how to get the advantage they offer you can really open your world to amazing things.

Having a try before you buy Feng Shui consultation is a common reality right throughout Asia.  Basically the Chinese have always had ways of seeing what the fortune of a building will be BEFORE you live there.  In fact, their entire system of Feng Shui can tell you what your building will be like before you build it, what your fortune will be like before you live there… so if your of the brave heart… as you can imagine, this gives you an incredible advantage.

Essentially there are two types of “try before you buy” Feng Shui consultations.

The first is when a Feng Shui Master assesses a building and report back their findings.

So you get to find out the good, the bad and the ugly in relation to your building.

But what happens if you really have your heart set on this house but the initial findings come back mediocre to motley?

Well, don’t despair because this is where the second type of try before you buy comes in…

The second is when you look at a building in its existing state but check what kind of renovations could completely transform the situation (according to the Feng Shui influences for the building).

Well, many people DO renovate or paint  or do some type of change before they live there, and… if you are the home renovator type or you’re buying home that definitely needs to be restored – then this will be a very good investment.

When you know the secrets of any building you will be amazed at how small tiny tweaks in the right spot can really make a difference. 🙂