Foreword Master Raymond Lo

[subtitle]Foreword from Master Raymond Lo [/subtitle]


My students will often ask me the question, ‘What is the quality required to learn Feng Shui well?’ 

My answer is that you need intelligence, analytical power, logical thinking, genuine interest in caring for others… etc.  Besides this, you also need a certain madness about the subject.  What is this ‘madness’?  It refers to such a strong determination and enthusiasm to study that you will not care about the money costs, the sacrifice of time; you will understand the value of the result.  It is like people who are feverish about their hi-fi.  They are willing to pay a very high price for just a slight improvement in the sound quality – quality that is not detectable to the layman’s ears.  As such, only a small percentage of Feng Shui students will eventually take up Feng Shui as a full-time profession.

Amongst my successful students, Gayle is the first one I found possessing the ‘madness’ for Feng Shui.  Gayle flew from Australia to Hong Kong to study with me in 1992, shortly after I published my first book, Feng Shui and Destiny.  She deeply impressed me with her genuine desire to seek the true knowledge at all costs and she learnt from me the ‘Flying Stars’ and the ‘Four Pillars of Destiny’ astrology, which were totally new subjects to the West at that time.  Yet her good sense of logic and commitment to learn guided her onto the correct path.  She is the first Westerner who learned these two systems from me, and it has been proven that her effort was well invested.

Through the years since 1992, Gayle took every chance to study, verify and promote the knowledge of Flying Stars and Four Pillars of Destiny, and she loyally conveyed the knowledge to the rest of the world.  I realize it has been a very tough task as she had to stand up to challenges from people who had not yet understood and adopted the Flying Stars.  However, being a lady of principle and strong conviction, with a good sense of right and wrong, she has been very brave to defend and publicize my teachings.  She is like the Fox Mulder of the Feng Shui profession.

Her efforts have borne fruit and she has become a well-respected international Feng Shui practitioner and teacher, with her own school.  She also took on the position of President of the Feng Shui Society of Australia for a number of years.  This book on the ‘Seen’ and the ‘Unseen’ aspects of Feng Shui is innovative work, making another giant step forward in her Feng Shui career.  I am sure it will be a great contribution to the deeper understanding of Feng Shui, and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Gayle and wish her many more successes in her Feng Shui career.

Master Raymond Lo
Hong Kong