Feng Shui Design Stages


Adding Feng Shui to the Design Stages.  Over the years I’ve seen a lot of Feng Shui incorporated into the design stages and I really have to say that if you really want a harmonious home – there is no better opportunity than to build it or remodel it yourself and build good Feng Shui into the building.

Using Feng Shui at the Design Phase ‘supercharges’ your life!

Essentially Feng Shui in the design phase means the architecture and design features of the home will all be created based around the Feng Shui astrology of the building so this means that your team: the architect and designer really needs to be in harmony with the Feng Shui Master because they will be asked to design based on a building horoscope – rather than the usual… let’s see what we want to do and then do it (not that this can’t be a part of the Feng Shui but designing as well).  So primarily if you’re adding Feng Shui to your design phase this means you’re going to build based on a Feng Shui building horoscope (which can kind of make it even more spontaneous and fun quite frankly).

If you’re doing an extensive re-design or you’ve had bad Feng Shui in the past, then this particular step is absolutely going to allow you to do a big re-work of any bad Feng Shui and literally build it out of the building.

I always find that Feng Shui designing and building almost has its own momentum.

In some cases, when a renovation project is extensive enough, Feng Shui can be extremely helpful in determining what rooms and structures to create and position where.  This allows you to take full advantage of implementing Design Style Remedies and Cures to correct existing Feng Shui problems and completely re-energize your home again (compared to adding Symbolic Remedies afterwards).

The first three steps Feng Shui initiates in Building Design is:

  1. Compass Readings – This is always the first step – A compass reading of the building plans is taken to determine the unseen influences for the building.  The focal point is the front entrance of the building – because we want it to be prosperous if possible.
  2. The Examination – Once the correct compass readings is confirmed, we want to examine the Flying Stars Horoscope over the proposed floor plan.  We want to see what’s in the right spot and what isn’t and explore the possibility of making simple but really effective changes.
  3. Work the Possibilities – At this point, we really can start to see how we could use Feng Shui to totally reduce negative energy (which exists in every building).  Equally at this point we can also see which features need to be enhanced to activate very good Feng Shui.

For instance, in Feng Shui design there are always four important positive energies we want to position as powerfully as we can.   Two Prosperity Energies governing money, finances, general well-being and a good future.  Then there are two Human Fortune energies – which govern relationships, your destiny in general and health.

Equally important, is knowing where the negative energies lie and here again, we have four negative energy sectors – two for Sickness Energies and two for general Bad Luck Energies.

Unfortunately EVERY SINGLE BUILDING has got these energies – which end up being severe or insignificant – depending on their location within the building.  So getting those “handled, reduced and minimized” helps us to create good Feng Shui.

Regardless of the Feng Shui, the design phase is your perfect opportunity to “build negative energy out of the building”.

The last thing is seeing what other kinds of energies or configurations exist according to the environment or the Flying Stars Horoscope.

For instance there are all kinds of energies that can create anything from romance, love, academic achievements, etc… to bankruptcy, lawsuits, divorce, addiction – you name it!  So identifying these, working out how significant these are going to be for the occupants and making sure we’re living on the right side of them is definitely a blessing.

Feng Shui designing really does allow you to enhance your chances for a happy life.  Imagine sleeping in good energy, hanging out in good energy, leaving your home and entering via good energy.  It really does create a haven to come home to…  🙂