Gayle’s Biography

Meet Feng Shui Master, Gayle Atherton

In the elite world of Feng Shui, few westerners ever achieve the respect and title of Feng Shui Master from the Chinese. Having spent many years extensively studying in Hong Kong under Master Raymond Lo and other teachers, Gayle Atherton holds this honor.

She is one of the few to have ever had access to the more sophisticated and secret applications only taught to privileged Asian students.

To date, Gayle is the only ‘westerner’ to have been invited and welcomed into the esteemed circle of Hong Kong Feng Shui experts, her talents having been exclusively recognized in 1996 by some of Asia’s leading Feng Shui Masters and Grand Masters.

Gayle specializes in building design and developments, corporate relocation’s and corrections for buildings with “big Feng Shui problems.” In the world of property development, her use of (Feng Shui) corrections for “big Feng Shui problems” have literally saved her clients millions of dollars.

Her clients range from leading Australian business, to Hollywood celebrities, to some of Hong Kong’s biggest business empires. Even the Dalai Lama benefited from her expertise when she was specifically sought by the organizing committee to correct “a bad area” of his Sydney venue in 1996.

Gayle regularly consults in the USA, China, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Australia. Her expertise has been called upon in all manner of corporate situations and she brings a unique perspective to business management. Some of these companies have increased profits by 2000%.

She is invited as a regular guest on both television, radio and is a writer for leading Australian publications including the ‘WellBeing’ ‘Astrolog’ and ‘For Me’ magazines. In 2000 Gayle released her first book: Feng Shui – The Perfect Arrangement (simple secrets unveiled), which remains a popular seller even now.

In 1994 Gayle established the ‘Australian School of Advanced Classical Feng Shui’ and was the first practitioner to introduce Asian applications of Feng Shui, the Flying Star technique and Authentic Chinese Astrology to western practitioners in Australia. She has been affectionately called “The Grandmother of Feng Shui in Australia” and many of the practitioners currently practicing this technique (in Australia) have originally learnt from her.

From 1995 – 1998 Gayle was the President of the Feng Shui Society of Australia and was the guiding force behind creating a ‘Code of Ethics’ for practitioners in a currently unregulated industry. More recently, Gayle was approached, alongside seven other World Renown Feng Shui Masters (from the IFSC Conference at which she was a speaker), to contribute to creating the foundation for the first ever International Professional Body for Feng Shui Masters and Practitioners.

Gayle’s philosophy about Feng Shui is simple: “In the true and authentic Chinese perspective, Feng Shui always keeps the bigger picture in mind: the person, their building and their lives. It is a very wholesome approach.” 🙂