The Flying Stars Method

The Flying Stars Method.. the equivalent of “Acupuncture in Space”

In Asia, the Flying Star Feng Shui method is considered to be the most powerful of Feng Shui practices. Even today it is practiced by 90% of Feng Shui Masters right throughout Asia…

For Thousands of Years the unassuming Flying Stars Feng Shui Method has been making people very prosperous and wealthy. Indeed, Flying Stars Feng Shui has made Hong Kong, the land of odd shaped buildings, into one of the most successful and wealthiest countries in the world… Its ability to problem solve and tap into “the Unseen Layers of Chi” remain unsurpassed in the Feng Shui world – even today.

Flying Stars Feng Shui Helps us to locate:

  1. The Prosperity Stars in our Building
  2. The Human Luck stars in the Building
  3. The Stars that Help to Generate Business luck
  4. The Stars that Help activate Romance
  5. The Stars (and Directions) of Health (which will relate to us individually)
  6. The Stars of Literary Achievements, Fame and Publicity

Flying Stars will also help us to locate:

  1. The bad luck stars (so that we can avoid them)
  2. The sickness stars so that we can cure them (or avoid them)
  3. The arguments stars
  4. The divorce stars
  5. The Robbery and Theft stars so that we can make the right adjustments to our Feng Shui in relation to these.

Sometimes considered to be like “acupuncture in space” this school of Feng Shui has its roots in such sophisticated ancient mathematics that quantum physicists are yet to even contemplate it.

And, like its brother acupuncture… it ability to heal and transform bad into good is beyond compare… After all who in their right mind could possibly guess that a small needle inserted into the elbow would cure ailments in the kidney…

Of all the interpretations of Feng Shui, only the Flying Stars Method deals exclusively with correcting the Chi at an unseen level.

However, the Flying Stars doesn’t just deal with what you cant see… It also incorporates “Form and Shape” applications (of Feng Shui) with such profound depth that it echos the great significance of these ancient original meanings and understandings of even now in the inner sanctum of Feng Shui.

At its most simple level… Flying Stars Feng Shui is the way to harmonize the Feng Shui of your Home or Office. It can locate your two prosperity energies, strengthen your human luck, boost your health, wealth and relationships, counter-act negative energies within the environment and neutralize the results of misfortune.

Only these ancient arts truly have this ability.

What’s Involved In Flying Stars Feng Shui?

Flying Stars Feng Shui uses the Chinese Lo Pan Compass to measure the direction a building faces (or sits). From this small piece of information a Feng Shui Practitioner can draw up a “Horoscope for the Building.” This horoscope is like taking an X-ray Vision into the Fortune of the Building.   When we then add “people horoscopes” to the equation we get a lot of information that tells us what each person needs in this building.

This information helps us to:
1. Stimulate Prosperity for People and Activate their Fortune
2. Set people up according to their goals in life
3. Counter-act problems and situations
4. Enhance romance and loving relationships
5. Create harmony in peoples Homes        🙂