The Black Sect

Black Sect Feng Shui School

The Black Sect, sometimes called the Black Hat or Bagua School is a modern day explanation of Feng Shui based upon the interpretation of Tibetan Buddhist Master, Lin Yun.  Practitioners of this school interpret Feng Shui through the “Bagua” and so they “see” Feng Shui through eight life situations…

BlackSectBagua2Based in America, Master Lin Yun, developed his system of Feng Shui some 20 years ago and the Black Sect is based upon Master Lin Yun’s interpretation of the ‘eight human life situations’ of the Bagua.

It is easily identified by the way it classically refers to a ‘life situation sector’ and connects this to a fixed area of the home.

For instance: Black Sect Feng Shui refers to a wealth area, a relationship area, a fame area, a career area, a knowledge area, a helpful people area, a children’s area and a family area of a building. These areas are then holographically superimposed over the floor plan and each room within the building, then they are interpreted according to the entrance into the room.

Although these ‘life sectors’ are derived from the original ‘latter heaven sequence’ of the trigrams and Lo Shu Diagram (which is the basis for Feng Shui and the Lo Pan Compass), in this Feng Shui interpretation is no connection to the 8 main directions, the type of Chi that could come from those directions, and there is no use of the Lo Pan compass or any compass for that matter.

The Black Sect interpretation does not recognize auspicious and inauspicious directions and nor does it actively recognize or deal with good and bad Chi within the environment.

Because Black Sect Feng Shui does not include directional influences of Chi, Master Lin Yun’s interpretation of the eight “life situations”‘ has “fixed positions” within the Feng Shui arrangement. So, in every situation the door positioned is fixed along the ‘knowledge’, ‘career’ or ‘helpful people’ area of the ‘Bagua Grid’, from here the Bagua Grid is super-imposed over the floor plan. Then the sectors of the room are identified according to the above (left) order.

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