4 Pillars of Destiny Bazi

What is Four Pillars of Destiny Astrology or the Bazi?

Chinese Astrology deals with the individual in relation their destiny, luck and its technically not connected to any building.  Instead, Chinese Astrology is used to determine when an individual might get married, have children, be in good health, or find a good job. Chinese Astrology also reveals a person’s strengths and weaknesses… awareness of this information is very helpful in maximizing auspicious energies and avoiding the negative.

One of the most common Chinese Astrology is based on “Four Pillars of Destiny.”

Four Pillars of Destiny astrology analyses the eight Chinese characters exclusive to a person’s hour, day, month and year of birth (shown below).  These eight characters are made up of ‘stems’ and ‘branches’ and this outlines which of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs/animals are born under according to your hour, day, month and year of birth.

Feng Shui Masters use this information to see the patterns of a person’s life.

We can see things like whether the person has patterns which:

  • attract prosperity in business
  • can lead others or encourage positive relationships
  • we can see whether the person will be healthy or have a happy life
  • patterns reveal whether people have the capacity to hold onto money and accumulate it

Chinese Astrology looks into the type of ‘energy configurations’ you have.
Generally destiny analysis allows you discover your strengths while enlightening you on your ‘blind spots’.  Most people develop a deeper understanding of their energies, life purpose and destiny and this lets them manoeuvr through life easier and stay in greater harmony with life.