Re-modelling Your Home


Feng Shui Renovation and Remodeling Good Fortune into the home

The Ultimate – A Second Chance to Build Good Luck into the Home…

It may seem arrogant of us to say that renovating with Feng shui is the second chance you have to bring back good energy into your building – but it is true.

Finding out about your Feng Shui before you renovate or update your home is a wonderful opportunity.  It’s really an incredible chance you have to smooth out any Feng Shui influences that have not been working for you and make a complete change to your fortune.

We start by looking into the horoscope of the building and comparing it to the lifestyle you want to lead, all family members, your goals, hopes and dreams.

Depending on the extent of your renovation, tapping into the information shown on the Feng Shui building horoscope can be an incredibly liberating experience.

For instance – if there’s been a past history and bad luck in the building – this is an incredible chance to correct it completely.

Likewise, if the building has been prosperous before – this is the chance to keep it that way and maximize this if possible or completely open up prosperity pathways if they haven’t been opened and activated before.

Every building has both good and bad energy… the incredible opportunity you have when you renovate is the chance to reclaim good Feng Shui and strengthen what you want in life and avoid what you don’t want.  🙂