The Fifth Foundation of Feng Shui is Knowledge

callig_knowledge-smKnowing how to do something and being wise about it allows you to be prosperous and thrive, so the Fifth Foundation of Feng Shui is Knowledge.

Knowledge is about the skills and talents we are born with or develop throughout our lifetime. For instance, someone might want to be a real estate agent.  Another person might want to be a doctor. It is true to say that if you want to be successful and you have a good destiny, good luck, good Feng Shui and good virtue then you need the knowledge of something in order to make it a practical reality.

For instance, let’s take an average person. You could put this person on the best golf course in the world, give them the best set of golf clubs, dress them in the best golf gear, even give them a 1 year annual subscription to the gold course for free. However, if they don’t know how to play golf!!?? (What to say!)

In terms of creating prosperity and a good life you need to have the knowledge to do it. If you decide to go into business selling fish but you don’t know the first thing about fish or fishing, then, for the first few years you could be in trouble (until you can learn this)!  🙂