Feng Shui Astrology

The Many Ways Astrology Is Used In Feng Shui…

People are often amazed to find out exactly how much astrology is involved in any Feng Shui consultation but the ancient Chinese have always had very sophisticated methods of tapping into unseen energies.  Even in acupuncture they tap into the meridians of the body by using the ancient technique of pulse diagnosis to detect ill health flowing within the meridians.  So in reality, using a compass and a mystical mathematical formula to access the astrology for a building or a person is not so unusual if you think about it.

It is important to understand there is a difference between Feng Shui Astrology for a building, Feng Shui Astrology for a person and finally Chinese Astrology.  Each astrology plays entirely different role in Feng Shui.

How these are used:

1.  Firstly, the building has its own astrology according to the time era it was built in and the way it is aligned on the land (ie to face the North, South, East West type of thing) and this lets us look into the underlying influences that will affect people once they inhabit the building…

2.  The second is the Feng Shui Astrology of the people who will eventually occupy the building.  When we look into this astrology we can see who the building will make prosperous, who might get sick and this gives us an incredible range of information to “set someone up” in the building.  We get to know where their best location is, how they need to be set up and what they need to avoid, and where we can put them to be prosperous.

3.  Finally, Chinese astrology shows us how a person is doing.  For instance, what kind of luck are they in, how can their efforts be maximised, what kind of support do they need or alternatively the strengths they show their will bring to situations according to their current luck cycle (which can be enhanced by a, b, c…).   Sometimes, we can even arrange Feng Shui to tap into peoples Chinese astrology charts (which is a very powerful application of Feng Shui) and this can help them to tap into heavenly blessings.

Details about Astrology:
•    Building Astrology is always used to tap into the Feng Shui of a building
•    If we’re tapping into the Feng Shui and there are people involved… then it’s a good idea to set them up purposefully to enhance whatever they are doing.
•    Chinese Astrology is always needed if someone is experiencing bad luck.