Feng Shui Consultations – What Kind of Feng Shui do You Need?

Feng Shui Consultations… There Are Many Different Types Of Consultation You Can Have…

Did you Know There Was More Than One Type of Feng Shui Consultation?
Depending on your needs, there are many different kinds of Feng Shui Consultations you can have…

A Feng Shui Consultation for your Home is calculated in a completely different way to the Feng Shui for your Office.  And Feng Shui building is different to Feng Shui renovations.

Building, Renovating, Re-modelling:
Feng Shui is the original and ancient form of Chinese Interior Design and Architecture.

In Asian cultures, Feng Shui for new building projects always begins with the calculation of the Flying Stars Chart and is the basis for the whole layout of the home/building. This means the owners can plan and refine the position of every room to enable the family to thrive.  The position of the Master Bedroom is determined to ensure good health and relationship with their loved one.  The Main Entrance goes into the correct position to create prosperity for the family.  Children’s’ bedrooms and Living areas are in the right spot for family harmony.  This method of building has a 5000 year history of ‘working.’

In my 20 years of Feng Shui Consulting, I have built 100’s and 100’s of buildings using this method – all those clients are thriving.  Ultimately, this is the best use of Feng Shui without exception and the results are always outstanding!

Feng Shui Makeovers or Home Improvements:
These Consultations are again based on the Flying Stars Horoscope for the building and are focused on creating furniture arrangements which promote the flow of good chi (energy), or changing Color schemes to better suit the unseen influences of the building horoscope – this always improves the ‘feeling’ of the building.  Sometimes Feng Shui Home Improvement Consultations can reveal a problem in your home or office that might need renovating or remodelling – under these circumstances we look into the unseen influences to guide us in the renovation process.

Feng Shui Design:
Feng Shui Design Consultations are based around the Structural Design and general flow of your existing home – helping to identify and avoid sharp corners or other harsh features which may be affecting the occupant of the room directly aligned to these harsh features.  Feng Shui Home Design may also include recommendations to include particular shapes or features such as rounded windows or curved walls to improve the flow of Chi.

Feng Shui Problem Solving:  
Sometimes we can inhabit a building and inherit the problems of the building layout, the building horoscope, other dynamics from the past which are effecting the building.  So if there is a lot of trouble going on this is a good consultation to have because you need to pin-point a problem before you can fix it.  In this type of consultation there are often just very simple things that can be fixed to create a good outcome (like painting or re-arranging furniture, etc).

Yearly Stars Feng Shui Consultation:
Every year, many Chinese have a mini-consultation called the ‘Yearly Stars Feng Shui Consultation’.   Yearly Stars Feng Shui allows us to look into the transiting Feng Shui influences and counteract a problem before it occurs!

This is an extremely worthwhile exercise because its an unspoken way to develop wealth.  For instance, if you can keep your life stable you can definitely accumulate more money and develop more fortune.  So the returns you get and the inconveniences (or stresses) you avoid are quite significant in time… 🙂