Designing Good Feng Shui


Creating Good Feng Shui by Design

Being Aware of your Feng Shui Strengths and Weaknesses is the First Step to Actively Designing Good Feng Shui in your Home

Building your home with Feng Shui is an incredible opportunity to manifest your dreams and aspirations.

It’s a funny thing but in western cultures, the process of improving your home often starts with an Architect, Builders an Interior Designer and after brief discussions the Architect designs the outline of your home which is then followed up with Interior Design input, color schemes and finally landscaping to captivate the dream haven you want to call your home…

The Chinese start their building process in an entirely different way and it doesn’t start with the architect!

The Chinese begin with their Feng Shui Master who they approach to calculate the essence of fortune within the building and they explore the kind of energy the building has and would have if changes were done.  In other words – what will the building attract.

Essentially the Chinese want to discover the most prosperous place for their front door and living quarters, they want the healthiest happiest place for their bedrooms, their children’s bedrooms and they want to reduce any significant negative energy in the building stages.  Then, they want the Feng Shui Master show them the best way to avoid potential sickness or lawsuits, or family disharmony or divorce – BEFORE the design has been fixed.

The Chinese believe that Designing with Feng Shui… is the ultimate use of Feng Shui and for them; it is undoubtedly the consultation of choice.

The four main stages involved in the design process are:
1.      Placement of all the rooms into the right spot (Getting the skeleton right)
2.     Major design features and Color schemes
3.     Placement of furniture
4.     Adding the relevant Feng Shui remedies or miscellaneous design features to ‘activate’ the remedy  🙂