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Feng Shui Office Designs, Corporate Renovations, Expansions and Updates that Rock!

The Story of how one CEO went from “Successful” to “Super Successful…”

“When I first met Gayle my company was turning over two million US a month. She designed our new offices from the ground up and all the architects based their design around the Feng Shui requirements. When I asked her to predict how much our revenue would increase she said I would quadruple it easily in less than twelve months. At the time I thought that was utterly impossible… But, within six weeks we were doing those figures and we haven’t looked back (9 years later). We have even been expanding in a depressed marketplace!!”
Steve B Dunn President Munchkin Inc. USA.

Do you know if you’re current Office Layout creates Good Feng Shui for your business?

Funnily enough most people simply “exist” in their office spaces… Why ?  Because the building is already built and you just have to try and fit your office layout within that existing framework within the building…  However, if you have the opportunity to expand your office or do a new renovation of existing offices, then you’ve also got a good chance to completely change your existing fortune.  Renovation is the second most powerful application of Feng Shui !

Key Opportunities You May Have at your Fingertips!
(without even knowing…)

  1. You may have the possibility to expand your prosperity energies across a wider allocation of space through simple re-arrangement.  This will spread the wellbeing in the building as well as the money making potential of the layout.
  2. You may have the opportunity to re-position key departments into a new (auspicious) arrangement which would boost this aspect within your corporation.  Usually, this can have the effect of “launching” a new division within the corporation or it can strengthen an existing division within the corporation.
  3. You may have the opportunity to set up key people so that they are more effective in their roles
  4. You may have the opportunity to reduce negative energies – just by re-thinking or re-arranging an area within your layout.
  5. You may have the opportunity to overcome a problem that has been previously activated within your layout (unknowingly) and this could free up your corporation to be more effective.
  6. You may have the opportunity to increase the overall good vibes in your office when you expand good energy globally throughout the building.  This will have a significant impact on your corporate culture by creating a perpetual environment that has good vibes.
  7. You may have the opportunity to expand your branding into the building interior design style in a way that allows the branding to seep down into the staff consciousness.  If this all sounds a bit too esoteric – don’t worry it is!  Can you take it?  Are you game?
  8. You may have the opportunity to examine you own business in a whole new light.  9 out of 10 businesses are unable to examine their own weaknesses to the correct extent (to survive long term).  But when you create a highly charged environment with very good energy throughout it becomes very obvious when you are doing something that doesn’t serve your purposes.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to get this new perspective and how easy it is to leave old unwanted habits behind.
  9. You may have an opportunity to reconfigure your layout correctly.  If your business is growing and expanding – reconfigure it correctly!  Re-configuring doesn’t mean you have to turn the whole office upside down and inside out, but… positioning the right things into the right spots can definitely make an outstanding difference to your working life as well as your bottom line.  🙂