How to use Feng Shui in Business

Let Us Arrange Your People and Customise the Feng Shui for your Business

Harness Crucial Elements

Harnessing Crucial Feng Shui energies is the Basis for Successful Outcomes.

Arrange Key Teams

Matching Key People with Good Feng Shui Energy is a Winning Strategy..

Activate Prosperous Energy

After Everything is Set up in the Right Place we Activate the Good Energy!

In Business settings, HOW we apply Feng Shui is completely different to how we set up our homes.  In the home space, our home is our haven - it's meant to support us, be healthy, nourish us and be a prosperous place to live in... But business is different.  In business we need energy, we need flow.. we need a healthy level of intensity and exactness!  Our business should still support us and create a positive space for everyone to generate their work positively, but because our business is also our money spinner, we need to be set  up to create, sustain, scale and grow.  

Exploring the Business Consultation

There are many ways to add Good Feng Shui to a Business Setting…  It begins with choosing the right building because not every building has the potential to be prosperous.  Likewise if your existing offices have office problems or people problems, examining this will tell us how to improve or change this Feng Shui.  When it comes to expanding the office or getting the right fit out in a new section or re-designing an existing set up, we start by exploring what you already have, then, what you need to have… and then, the best way to have it.. Finally, adding the final decorative touch.. we ordinarily like to work with your designer to create the right look and feel, because blending colors or creating an abundant feeling in a space is a designers level of expertise.  Over the past 30 years, we have worked with many designers to create outstanding design..


Activating a building with Good Design Features strengthens a corporation because everyone likes to work in an office that looks good.


Harnessing the Talent of Your Staff Members through the normal avenues of Marketing, Sales, etc... has a deeper impact in Office Feng Shui.

Dev System

When Key Locations are positioned in the right places (according to Feng Shui) it has a Significant Impact on Exponential Growth.


People naturally feel supported in Feng Shui environments we find. Good Energy always makes us feel energized and able to perform.