Feng Shui

Foundation 3:  Putting the ‘Art of Arrangement’ into your life

callig_fengshui-smFeng Shui the Art of Placement.

To observe the art and science of Feng Shui means you position yourself and your physical environment into the ‘right placement’ to receive the beneficial flow or current of energy (Chi) from the universe.

At a more subtle level this means you are positioning yourself to receive not only beneficial energies from the universe but the opportunities or the results that can come with these energies as well.

When we are truly aligned with our Feng Shui we are aligned on all levels of our being.

This means, physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually aligned to “the highest or best potential” within our lives.

On the other hand, whether you consciously practice Feng Shui or not, you are still surrounded by some type of Feng Shui even if you don’t observe or use Feng Shui by design.

So your home, your office, your space, your environment is already arranged in some way… (positively or negatively) and this still brings the influence of that environment to you, meaning, if you naturally have good Feng Shui – that will still be played out in the environment whether you know about Feng Shui or not.  Likewise, if you have bad Feng Shui… that may still play out and affect you.

When we are powerful people (internally I mean), we have more ability to overcome a negative environment.  But, when we are in a lower “luck cycle” it might make us more vulnerable.

Ultimately, it’s impossible for us to not be influenced by Feng Shui because as humans we are made up of energy, we come from energy and we are influenced by all types of energy including the life force energy called Chi. 🙂