How Does Feng Shui Work at the Office?

“When a leading (Asian) International bank based in Sydney Australia had not made ANY profit in the whole of its 10 year existence... the bank manager relented and called in the Feng Shui Master...

After extensive renovation, vital reshuffling of important people and other Feng Shui remedies alike, they made their first 6.7 million dollar profit within 6 months and never looked back…”

Even though Feng Shui Consultations for the Office are not usually this dramatic, for this leading Asian International bank the results certainly paid off! In my observation, Feng Shui at the office or workplace is without a doubt a very different environment to most of the places that people try to work in these days.

The symptoms of Bad Feng Shui at the Office?

People are Tired, Cranky, “Shut down” all the time.
The environment and the workload is chaotic all the time. People don’t understand their jobs, they can’t help you when you call, there is never cohesiveness in the work place and the workers struggle to do the work… (This one factor alone costs any business millions of dollars…!!)
No matter how hard good people try… they are often unproductive and unappreciated in their environments.
In bad Feng Shui offices there are arguments, disputes, lots of gossip and other destructive discussion
Everyone lives in their own head about everyone else that works there….. its called office politics and its tiring, draining and absolutely of no use whatsoever to anyone.

These are some of the symptoms I’ve observed over the years… Click here to find out about good Feng Shui at the office.

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