Love, Romance Feng Shui


If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked to perform a “Romantic Miracle” I’d be a wealthy woman…  BUT in order to be really successful at Love and Romance in a relationship – especially using Feng Shui, you really NEED to create a PLAN for a good relationship.

It’s not that Feng Shui can’t help create a romantic atmosphere or environment… in fact, it’s quite the opposite… Feng Shui does help to create love and romance and it ALWAYS has helped to create love and romance…

The only problem is: romance is not “mail order” and the result is not mail order either so if you want to apply Feng Shui for love and romance – you need to get real and get with the program!  What do I mean?

Feng Shui is the only interior design style or process that genuinely seeks (and even plans) to create a more positive and loving environment for romance, dating, marriage, a happy family life, a life of harmony together…

However, there is one simple little fact that remains the same: unless you’re planning an “Arranged Marriage…” you do still have to go out on a Saturday night to meet someone… (having said that I must say I have seen a few miracles and unbelievable meetings over the years).

You also need to work at keeping a relationship together.  What do I mean?

The fun part of romance and love is the meeting… what brings you together – it’s all about the excitement, the potential, the passion, the friendship and the great mirror you will definitely get once you are in a relationship… And there’s one more thing… How to keep your Relationship Prosperous, Happy and Alive once you get it…

So… is it possible to be demanding, abusive, or negative in a relationship and expect a happy ending!!

Creating a life where YOU become the fun person to be with is the ultimate goal in good relationship building.

It’s a good thing to contemplate even before you get one because Prosperous Relationships are nothing to do with money…!

And, if you PLAN to have a good relationship – before you get it – you wont PLAN to get it or create it once you’ve got it!
All good relationships require thinking and PLANNING.  So create your plan – make it realistic and GOOD.

(Wow! intense – but true right?)

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