What Feng Shui Wont Do

What Feng Shui Can’t Do… (unfortunately)

Need to Get a True Grip on What Feng Shui CAN’T do for you (in the next ten minutes)?   Good! go no further… By understanding what Feng Shui WONT do for you… you’ll be able to utilize what it CAN do for you way, way better!

Here’s a realistic list:

1.  Feng Shui can’t guarantee it will cure cancer or other diseases but it will create a healthier environment because it will harmonize you with the positive energy that’s in your environment, it will help you to move out of the bad energy (you may have been sleeping in) and it will help reorient you towards healthier things. Often these healthier things have been known to bring a lot of good to people’s lives and it does enable the body to recover – even from serious illnesses.  Having said that, Feng Shui does recognize that everyone has their own destiny and that their destiny is unique..

2.  Feng Shui will not change your destiny from what its meant to be. Whilst it definitely may enhance your destiny, so does:

a)  making the right decisions,

b)  being with the right people and people who are supportive of you,

c)  having the knowledge you need so that you can be successful,

d)  being in tune with and in a good alignment with your own intuition – so that you know what to do and when to do it…

Be aware that Feng Shui cannot change your destiny to manifest something that is not meant to be there…

3.  Feng Shui will not bring you that million dollar deal if you are not already working towards it. Whilst Feng Shui can inspire you to think of a plan – it won’t mysteriously “come up with everything…” so that you don’t have to do anything. You need a plan and you need to be in a situation where you are creating opportunities for yourself, surrounding yourself with the right people and things so that you can progress and move forward… After this, you need to actually move forward when the opportunity comes to you!

4.  Feng Shui will not help you to avoid cyclical changes which occur in life. Nor will it guarantee that ‘bad things’ will never happen to you.
You will Grow Older… You could still get sick (especially if you don’t take care of yourself).  You might still have a car accident… (although we really hope you wont).  You could even encounter financial difficulties (especially if you spend your money like there’s no tomorrow).

What we really want you to  know is that you cant have Feng Shui done and it will indemnify you against every bad thing that could happen (and does happen to really good people everyday).  Life can still happen!

5.  Feng Shui cannot guarantee to bring Mr or Mrs ‘Right’ to your doorstep.  It cannot help you to win the lottery or get that big break you feel you deserve.

Instead, it will operate in whatever way it’s meant to operate and whichever way this is will be uniquely wonderful and perfect for you.

You can be happy, healthier, you could fulfill your personal destiny and live a really happy and satisfying life…
So OK, by now you’ve probably guessed…  😥  that Feng Shui and Destiny are not ‘mail order’… (it’s a bummer I know – isn’t it!!  😥  Don’t worry – I feel the same)

What I can tell you after years of my own personal experience and observing my clients… Feng Shui will definitely improve your quality of life – like it did mine! And THIS will make you very happy… 😆