Yearly Office Updates


Yearly Feng Shui – the stabilizing force – the Secret To Sustaining You Fortune and Staying Ahead of Good and Bad Energies

Have you ever thought of having a Yearly Feng Shui Analysis?  The Chinese who use Feng Shui do this EVERY YEAR – it helps them avoid the bad luck influences for that year.  Need more info?  Here it is:

In Feng Shui we know that each year there are transiting astrological influences can affect you and your building.  These are ‘unseen energies’ which affect certain areas of the entire building  and they last for a full year.  When they “hit” critical locations there can often be a very negative effect on a business or people within a business.

Right throughout Asia, the Chinese counteract this by having a quick Yearly Feng Shui Assessment at the beginning of the Chinese New Year to find out what changes are required to reduce / eliminate any negative energy that could affect the business and/or the workers.  For instance:

  • Is the Boss going to have the bad luck star in his/her office this year? or,
  • Will the ‘sickness’ energy be falling over the sales area?
  • Is there another kind of ‘bad energy combination’ arriving at a critical location: the production or distribution areas … the main front entrance… etc?

From a Feng Shui perspective – these are important things to know because they can affect your production output, the health of the team or your prosperity potentials for that year.

On the flip side, in some years you might have one of the two prosperity energies at your main entrance (which is very auspicious) or perhaps prosperity influences falling into the sales area for the year.  Knowing the location of these positive influences enables you to take advantage of them to strengthen and grow your business.

If you had an original Feng Shui Consultation, this doesn’t mean you change all the remedies you’ve already put in place… All that’s required is adding or subtracting some very simple remedies to counteract the influences in your building for that one particular year.  🙂