Long Distance Fengshui


Long Distance Feng Shui – How is this Done?  Don’t Live Near a Feng Shui Master?  Don’t worry, a well planned Long Distance Consultation could save your day…

The most important aspect of any Feng Shui Consultations is the compass reading.

And whilst we would prefer to be onsite for any inspection, we’ve realized that many of our clients, are quite capable of doing a compass reading (with our guidelines).  From this reading, we can successfully conduct Long Distance Consultations.

As responsible practitioners, we are well aware that Feng Shui is very powerful, whether it is done correctly or incorrectly so we like to pay a lot of attention to the compass reading so that we can ensure the outcome will be successful as well.

So if you feel capable enough to give it a go please download our Feng Shui Compass Reading Handout.  This information provides clients with extensive Step by Step Instructions.

As an alternative we can also do a Compass Reading via Google – and again the technique to do this is really important.

Please contact us here if you are interested in having a Long Distance Feng Shui Consultation

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