Specialised Feng Shui

Specialized Feng Shui Practices and Ancient Secrets…

What many people don’t realize is: in Feng Shui there are many specialized practices that can be utilized in certain circumstances to bring good fortune.  They come from a Treasure Store of Ancient Secret Practices that have been carefully protected and handed down thoughtfully from Generation to Generation.

These are ancient practices but in order for them to be successful the practitioner has to be VERY experienced and your Feng Shui has to be VERY stable – even without the addition of these fabulous practices (unless there are exceptions to the rule which an experienced practitioner would detect).  Here is a few of the more well known practices:

The Water Dragon
In Feng Shui, not all water features are good, and in fact there are many buildings that can have better Feng Shui without a water feature.

The Water Dragon is a specifically designed water feature that, when it can be introduced into a building it encourages good fortune and in particular money luck. Its calculations are based on the intricate Chinese Lo-Pan compass.

Secret Door Practice
The Secret door is an ancient practice that is based upon changing all influences that come to your door.  Often this means a whole change of Karma for the building.

Whilst it’s not always possible to practice Secret Door on every building, when it is possible it can be very powerful.

The Pearl Dragon Gate
Pearl Dragon Gate is when a building foundation (horoscope) shows a secret area to open another door into the building. If this door is used it becomes a powerful method to create fortune.

Again, not every building has this foundation or potential within the horoscope of the building but when it’s possible it can be very auspicious for the owner.

Taking the Chi from the Golden Dragon
This is a method of being able to tap into the future good luck energies and bring them forward into the current situation.

Again, the right conditions need to be present to create this Feng Shui and certain other conditions are needed at the completion of it.

Note: There are many other practices other than what is mentioned here. All practices are only recommended when the consultant knows it to be completely correct for the occupants because whilst these secret practices sound fantastically romantic the truth is there are times where they can bring another “cost” to the occupants and human life – which may not be advisable.

These practices are not recommended in certain situations and an experienced practitioner is needed to distinguish the deeper aspects of these Feng Shui practices.  🙂