Building Astrology

[subtitle]Feng Shui for Buildings and People [/subtitle]

We use Feng Shui Astrology for a building because we can get so much information about the past, present and future fortune of a building in every way.

Its extraordinary to think that one form of Feng Shui Astrology could predict the energy and fortune of a building with so much accuracy however the Flying Stars Method (which uses Feng Shui Astrology) allows you to see both backward and forward in time to any date, any year… it also lets you track the prosperity of a building or the negative energy of a building.  You can pin-point tricky energies such as lawsuit energy, bankruptcy or divorce energies.  And it lets you put in tailor made solutions to suit.  Feng Shui Astrology is a Mathematical formula that has an extraordinary capacity to bring amazing healing energy to buildings.

Feng Shui Astrology for a person is the natural complement to the Flying Stars Method because any building astrology will show which kind of person the building suits over which kind of person it doesn’t suit, etc, and then it will help you harmonise them with a building (even if they don’t suit the building).

We can set people up to face prosperous directions, health directions, career directions, networking directions etc – just people set themselves up to sit and face their worst directions every day.

When we put the two together we get very unique information about people and buildings that allows us to bypass negative energy and maximise the best you can get out of the environment.

There are many different types of ‘energy combinations’ in Feng Shui.  These unique energy formations translate out into the environment and the environment is able to “take up and activate” those energies further (so this works for positive energy and negative energy).

When it comes to inside the house, Feng Shui Astrology can help us to choose the right furniture for the right areas and we can arrange that furniture in a way where the actual furniture arrangement becomes prosperous (or it could even “cure” a negative formation).

There are many great mysteries like this to be explored in Feng Shui. 🙂