Date Selection Astrology

[subtitle]Date Selection Astrology for Something Special [/subtitle]

Date Selection is an unusual type of Feng Shui practice but essentially it’s based around choosing a right time to start something or open something.  So you might want to have an opening for your new boutique, or a house warming… or you may want to celebrate the release of your book… or find a good date and time to get married.  In fact, many people use Feng Shui Date Selection to find a good date for a wedding, an engagement or proposal.

The other thing about Date Selection is it can also involve the Feng Shui of a building as well even though it doesn’t have to.  For instance, if you are finally opening up your first boutique after years of sweat and toil then choosing a good date for the opening does seem to noticeably attract a lot more people and enhance good Feng Shui Energies as well.

Another version of date selection for buildings is when we select a date that is in harmony with starting something within a building such as a renovation or a demolition.  In Asia its quite common to use date selection for ‘opening’ a building, or ‘renovating’ a building – this ensures positive energy surrounds the building and attracts good patronage and/or tenants.  Incredibly, the Chinese will almost always choose an auspicious date to commence building and its often used to help avoid trouble on the building site.

Yet another way is when we want to avoid triggering negative energy within a building – such as yearly energies (this is a very valuable examination to have – you can save yourself a lot of angst doing this).

Another more incognito way is when we use date selection to install Feng Shui cures and remedies such as wealth remedies:- fountain or elephants for instance or we can use date selection to “nullify” negative energies.

In Asian countries its commonplace to choose an auspicious date to commence something important or ‘special’ and almost every household has a old Tong Shu stashed away in their back cupboard somewhere. 🙂