Unseen Building Dynamics

Unseen Dynamics – How Energy Comes to Buildings

The Dynamics of Unseen Energy are Often “Felt” More than they are Seen but the Effects Can Be Just as Powerful..

When we examine the unseen aspect to Feng Shui in a building we are really looking into “the horoscope of a building.”

The ancient Chinese discovered that buildings would attract unseen influences to them on the basis of how they were positioned on the land and the direction they faced.2012FloorPlanFurniture2a

So this layer of Unseen means that the building will attract all kinds of powerful energies from the 8 main directions.

Naturally we cannot see these energies but it is more common for people to feel them. When we actually practice Feng Shui and do a Feng Shui Consultation, these kinds of energies are exactly what we are trying to harmonize with – unseen energies will have a profound effect upon our lives (positively or negatively) the longer we inhabit a building.

Often people really do sense these energies even thought they don’t fully understand what the energies are or how to fix them. They make comments like: “there is something wrong with this office or room…” or “I don’t get a good vibe in this room…” or “I just really feel if live here things will go wrong for me..”

Over the years many people have told me about the feelings they have in different parts of their buildings.

Unseen energy in a building can be the reason why a room or part of a room may ‘feel very bad’ and yet, the aesthetics or the design might be quite OK or even a very beautiful.

Design itself is a separate element to Feng Shui. Good Design does NOT guarantee good Feng Shui design. A good indication of Bad Feng Shui is when no-one wants to occupy a building or an area of the building… There are many cases of beautifully designed homes that people just simply do not want to occupy – even when the actual interior design is stunning.

Every Building Contains the Following:

1. Every building has good energy
2. Every building has bad energy.
3. Some buildings have all the good energy active in the building.
4. Other buildings have all the bad energy active in the building
5.  Many Buildings have a mixture of the above in varying degrees…

This is precisely what the Feng Shui horoscope of a building detects… 🙂