Creating Good Feng Shui


A Home Filled With Harmony – How to Create Good Feng Shui

Having a Home that’s Filled With Harmony is Not a Chance Event. Planning How the Energy Will Flow is a Time Honored Art

In Feng Shui we have lots of layers.  Each ‘Layer’ refers to another aspect we can explore to create good Feng Shui in a building.

Every home, commercial building or building site has different environmental factors to consider and of course we want to consider how we can boost the lives of any occupant who will occupy the building:

  •     Location – could be a beachfront, city high-rise or cliff top.
  •     Land Formation – flat, undulating or steep inclines.
  •     Facing Direction – each building faces a different compass direction so it has a different building horoscope to consider according to when it was built and/or occupied.  This means the building will attract different fortunes according to these readings.

Feng Shui Consultations are so unique, that even if the above points were exactly the same the whole way along a street, each building will have different internal layouts, the people who occupy the building are also born on different dates and so there are uniquely individual fortunes to consider.   This is why some buildings can be so nurturing for one group of people and completely destructive to another.

In every circumstance, Feng Shui is unique to the individual engaged in the process – and that’s what makes the sophisticated applications of Feng Shui so powerful!

Creating Harmony in the home is a great gift.  In reality there is a unique formula:

1.  Remedy the Bad Energy
2.  Stimulate the Good Energy
3.  Solve any problems
4.  Harmonize the environment
4.  Arrange the people to empower them
5.  Activate it     🙂