Foundation 4:  Virtue – the incognito creator of good Feng Shui

callig_virtue-smBeing Virtuous and Practicing “Your Better Side” Helps Your Whole Life To Go Better…

Virtue describes the inner qualities that we are born with and develop throughout our lifetime.  The truth is, in order to be in harmony with others you need to be in harmony with yourself.

Many times when things are not working out for us, it may be that we have not have discovered the type of virtue or internal power we need to apply to overcome an obstacle or manoeuvre a situation. Whilst its very good and a big relief if you know what you need to do… you also need the power within yourself to start it, sustain it, steer it, manifest elements of it.  So developing that level of virtue inside yourself is also important (the power to manifest).

Virtue could be considered as “Inner Feng Shui” because its all about placing oneself, one’s thoughts, words and actions, into a proper placement within space and time in order to be successful and receive.

Let’s analyze this:
Think back to a person you may have met at some time and as you watched them you saw how clumsy they were. Did they always say the wrong thing at the wrong time? Did they always fall out with other people because they did not know how to be tuned into the pulse of the moment? Did they later blame the people for not being receptive?

Then there is the opposite situation to this: someone who may not be at the top of their game, but the quality of their virtue is so good that you immediately like them, you are attracted to them, you trust them and you wanted to be around them.

This is the power of virtue.

And to understand this at a deeper level, most Asian Feng Shui masters believe: if your destiny is weak , if your luck is really bad (at the moment)… if you have really bad Feng Shui… then develop your virtue and perform charitable actions AND learn something to help yourself (these things combined will save you).

Incredibly the Chinese also believe: that even if you had a good destiny, lived in the Taj Mahal, were first in line to the biggest inheritance possible in the world… IF you have NO VIRTUE, then it would be harder for you to enjoy your luck and your life because you wont know how to make the most of even the most simplest of enjoyments in your life… (wow!)

So Virtue is developed through a deep understanding of charitable actions which should be right and timely. Virtue is also developed through internal and external listening to the universe as well as learning to use your own qualities to pave your way. 🙂