Foundation 2: The Luck that travels with you throughout your lifetime..

callig_fu-smLuck describes the invisible flow of Energy or Good Fortune that travels with you throughout your lifetime.

In Feng Shui we say that throughout our lifetime we will probably experience good luck, bad luck, or average luck in varying degrees – according to our destiny plan.

But is it possible to get good luck and generate “Good Luck” ONLY throughout our entire lifetime?  The Laws of Yin and Yang would say no – change is inevitable and a valuable part of the human dynamic.

In fact the  3rd and 5th Laws of Yin and Yang state that because of the polarity between Yin and Yang… everything will always be moving forward in the motion of change and therefore nothing can ever be completely yin… or yang, meaning our good luck can never be permanent and nor can our bad luck (even though it might seem like it).

The other side of this equation is:
Another Law of Yin and Yang states: there is always a little bit of yin in yang, and a little bit of yang in yin.

This means: there is always a bit of fortune in misfortune and always a bit of misfortune in fortune.  Its kind of like the person who wins the lottery but loses his friends… Or the person who had a car accident (with months off work and rehabilitation) only to discover an entirely new vocation and destiny – hidden beneath the misfortune.

Life is full of these paradoxes.  Bad luck does come to those who are good… and good luck does come to those who are bad (even though this is a bit simplistic in interpretation).

Ultimately, it means that no-one is immune from a negative experience and not even Feng Shui can make you immune.

But we observe that the overall nature of the universe is always beneficial and good.  The most simplistic proof the way the sun rises every morning and makes the plants grow.  And that’s also why incredibly good outcomes can happen – even from negative occurrences.

So what do Feng Shui Masters Know…
Good Fortune does vary from year to year or in longer time spans. Sometimes good luck is even quite astounding:  for instance, have you ever heard a story about someone who had no talent, no skill, but they had the luck to reach successful heights?

By the same token, there are many examples throughout history of brilliant people who had created something good for mankind, but they did not have the luck to implement it successfully and were therefore not recognized for it (so in other words other people made the money, got the recognition for it, became famous, etc).

In these kinds of instances, karma law will still be in effect, meaning two things: sometimes, it’s better not to be the famous person or the person who has the most money because there can be a lot of loss in this as well (which could really affect you).  Still, the drama of life must always acknowledge our positive actions.  And there will be a re-payment of our good deeds we do somewhere.

And as for the Feng Shui masters…
The Chinese consider Good Fortune and Luck to be an invisible energy that travels with you throughout your life. They also believe that Good Fortune has the potential to be improved with the right Feng Shui (see “3 Types of Luck” for more information).  🙂